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  1. Tried this, didnt work for me I have a feeling it has to do with the video driver or kernel? When i powered it back on nothing came up. When i clicked my mouse button, it lit the red light up but nothing on the screen.. Had to reset it.
  2. Mr.Sticky

    Sleep on an Asus P5LD2?

    Same problem here, similar board, same OSX upgrade path and current kernel... Havent found any solutions searching around the forums. I was hoping for a more up to date kernel that could help (may is about 5 months ago) but havent seen anything out there. My video seems to attempt to sleep, but powers back on after a few seconds, so it goes on/off over and over. I disabled the monitor sleep function cause i was worrying it may damage my monitor doing that all night. Anyone out there with some ideas?
  3. This may not be quite the same issue, but i've had dvd's stuck in my drive because the OS doesnt read them. F12 does not eject the correct dvd drive (it openes the other one! so i launched Toast which has an eject option, and allowed me to get the dVD out. IAN
  4. Mr.Sticky

    10.4.10 SMB sharing issue

    Hey, I updated my system recently to 10.4.10 from 10.4.9 and have begun to notice SMB problems. It first happened when trying to watch videos on my xbox shared out on my mac. The videos were really choppy, when they shouldnt have been. A computer reboot seemed to fix the problem and i didnt think any more of it. However, I was trying to back up some data from a windows pc to my machine, and copying over SMB was going painstakingly slow. A copy was reporting 600 minutes or so, when i hooked it up to another pc the same copy reported 20 mins. Anyone noticed problems? I checked my smbd, restored from a copy i had on 10.4.8 (which i used while on 10.4.9) but no joy. Only thing left is if my yukon ethernet driver got updated, havent checked that yet.. Cheers, IAN
  5. I've been keeping up with this humongous thread, but i dont think i've seen anyone mentioning cpu and mobo temperatures. I've tried the program "Temperature Monitor" but i'm not believing the numbers its coming up with for core temperatures. In OSX on fairly low load its sitting around 66-69 degrees celcius. Now, when i boot windows and do about the same its saying 50 with the Asus Probe II utility. Anyone messed around with that? Cheers, IAN
  6. I had this card. Chances are basically zilch. The recommendation seems to be, get a USB tuner if you really want TV. Cheers, IAN
  7. I happened to find an old backup i forgot about and pulled the smbd file from. Extract it, then run a terminal, from the directory type sudo cp smbd /usr/sbin/smbd <password> then type smbd and that should fire up your sharing, test it out, or check the activity monitor. Cheers, IAN smbd.sitx
  8. anyone have 2 mins to please post the correct smbd?
  9. Hey, anyone able to zip up those files and post them? I need a copy as well please IAN
  10. Napalm, that program makes the bios rom, you still need to flash your motherboard. I'm pretty sure one of the Asus utilities will do it in windows, but I always boot in to dos and do it from there. For instructions I would check Asus's website, where you downloaded the bios update from.
  11. RE: custom boot logo There's an Asus utility to copy your boot logo, i believe it's Asus Update. You'll have to run it in windows. It asks for the rom, then the pic you want inserted in to it. Then you flash it with the rom. I dont think I was able to find the program on their website, but it's definitely on the driver cd somewhere.
  12. OSX (Unix) sets the system clock to GMT and adds the necessary offset in the system. Windows sets the system clock to the local time. So when you boot from one to the other the clock will be off. OSX fixes the clock on boot, but you'll need to use a utility (like Atomic) to fix it quickly in Win.
  13. Re: eSATA Hey guys, i was struggling with the JMicron for my eSATA drive and have this little tidbit to add.. The instructions linked to in this post above: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...p5w&st=280# work flawlessly. You just need to make sure in your BIOS that you have the Jmicron sata/raid bootrom ENABLED. It actually states that disabling may cause 'adverse effects' (yeah, like it not working in osx?!) in the manual. Also, i'm running BIOS 2004 (i tried 1901 when troubleshooting eSATA) and it works flawlessly (for me at least). After a few days my system is complete! If anyone is interested in an Ubuntu Torrentflux server, i've also got that going in Parallels. Let me know. Cheers, IAN P.S. I agree, the audio still needs work, i just have two channel out going, anyone had luck getting 4?
  14. Mr.Sticky

    Best Temp Monitor for OSX

    I didn't have any luck with Bresink temperature monitor.. Maybe my board or cpu is too old?
  15. Mr.Sticky

    ATI Mouse Tearing�