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  1. I think I have the same problem with my G80 GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB. Color inversion (ctrl option cmd 8) or changing contrast (ctrl option cmd ./,) also isn't working on 10.6.4 -- was anyone able to fix that and can help me out here? Everything that is supposed to change the entire screen seems to only affect my cursor but nothing else :-/
  2. If nothing else helps, I will. But I'm pretty sure it should work with my 8800 GTS as well, so I'm hoping someone here as an idea.
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post, even though I've been using my Hackintosh for a few years now. I guess I was so lucky to never have any issues until now Apparently my graphics card can't do some things. I noticed when I tried to use Flux: it only affects the color of my cursor. At first I didn't make the connection to color inversion, but once I tried it it did the same. Only the cursor's color was inverted, everything else stayed the same. Anyone have an idea how to fix that? Here's a screenshot from my system profiler: Edit: Apparently other similar things don't work either. I just tried Black Light.app, nothing. Also changing contrast isn't working either.