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    P5Q Pro Turbo SL 10.6 Write up

    Worked for me! Thank you. I changed a few things around for my needs and had to add a couple kexts, like voodoo for ps/2 keyboard. Also I did the official software update to 10.6.7 without a hitch....very pleased!
  2. What was the commands? I hooked the drive up to my macbook pro and it booted fine. Did all the welcome stuff, did a repair disk and then tried doing a bless via terminal but it said volume not found. So I put it back in the pc and I still get boot0 error.
  3. Thank you very much! I did almost the same as you, minus the second hdd. I have gotten much closer though, almost the same method. I used the same drive and made another partition on it, instead of using the flash drive, I used that partition, it made it all the way through the install and failed right at the reboot. Saying it couldn't "bless" the drive. It wouldn't let me manually do it either. So first I am going to try removing that drive and blessing it via my macbook pro. If that doesn't work I am going to give your method a shot. Thank you again and I'll keep watching this thread.
  4. Hello, I would appreciate it very much.I know I have acpi on (S3) but its all on, so the one on that should be off could be it, plus it sure wouldn't hurt using the same boot-132 you did. Thank you very much!
  5. I managed to get SL installed but at the end it said it was unable to bless the startup volume and to select the startup volume from the manager. Which I tried to do but that would allow either. Finally forced a restart. I get the following on boot... Starting up... boot0:GPT boot0:testing boot0:testing boot0:testing boot0:error Any help would be greatly appreciated, almost there! BTW, this install is overwriting 10.5.8 listed below.
  6. wcr3d

    lifehacker guide

    I have tried it with no success. It boots into the flash drive and immediately KP's with unknown CPU, I have tried some kexts for that and if it gets by it then it KP's with some error of expecting 2 threads and getting 3. I have successfully installed kalyway and ideneb with updates to 10.5.8 on this same machine. My specs are below, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could assist. I don't normally ask for help. I just read and research. I haven't had a problem with kalyway or ideneb, besides getting dual monitors and the ability to adjust resolution plus a system clock issue but thats another subject. I have used -v and it seems to load the bootloader ok, that ends and the gray screen for the gui section comes up, this is where it hangs. I am thinking I am missing a kext or two, not sure. My specs, Asus P5KPL-CM E5300@2.6ghz 4gb Kingston RAM ATI HD4830 512mb 2x 320 SATA hdd's ((First holding Vista and Ubuntu, the second solely for OSX), I have grub working fine so I disconnect it when attempting installs) Sound is onboard which I have the kexts for Ethernet is onboard (Atheros, also have kexts that work) I have tried numerous guides, ranging from kernel panics to this. I got this far adding kexts to chameleon, some I thought were unneeded but have seemed to make it progress further. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.