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  1. HOW TO - INTEL GMA X3100 FULLY working!With Dual Monitor!

    Damn... I have been reading many posts with some links to the real X3100 kexts and every damn link lead me to a dead page... are u talkin about the allen x3100 kexts?... im almost sick of searching those kexts -.- i have a vaio vgn nr948d with 965 X3100 intel graphics and all i could get is a 1024 x 768 not expandes resolution, which leads to a duplicated task bar in the low and black to the right... damn u.u Could someone lead me to THE KEXTS please?
  2. help with Intel GMA 965 (X3100) on Snowleopard

    Please Help me! I have a Vaio VGN nr948d with the 965 GMA X3100 and i have been searching for the right method to get it working and all i can get ts a 1024x768 res without expanding this leads to a duplicated task bar in the lower side and black to the right! I know you could get it work! but you dont mention the method or kexts you used to make it work in first place! please help, im a newbie in this
  3. Problemas de instalacion en Asus P5Q3 Deluxe

    Hombre, porfavor ayudame!! llevo desde el año pasado intentando instalar el MAC a mi pc con la misma tarjeta madre ke la tuya, me ha sido rotundamente imposible he gastado como 20 dvds en intentos e intentos y es pero tras pero que tengo en la instalación, porfavor, dime tu metodo, hoy llevo todo el dia intentandolo, ahora mi ultima derroa fue con el Empire EFI, ya lo hice con el chameleon IATKOS, todo, y no lo logro, hechame una mano porfavor Te estare eternamente agradecido ToT
  4. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    Hi!! First of all i want to thank u for your topic about ho dv 6000 amd series, cause i did not find anything about the install in hole web about those series, and i got one, the dv 6220, i need u please to help me with the install, i already download the leo4allv3 and burn it, y start from the disc and when im starting the installation i get this error: system config file' /Libary/preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found. Can uu tell me what i did wrong? My hardware is almost the same as yours i dont get it... i need to burn it again? Please help me! ill be very thankful!