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  1. actually for the wg111v2 theres the earlier model based on the prism chipset, and some people got it working with the prism drivers floating around. The newer ones use realtek rtl8187L chipset, and theres a mac osx driver for this on the realtek website. the only problem is, it doesnt work (lol), not for me anyway. Either its not universal (ppc only) or realtek just didnt create it properly. I even checked the info.plist of the rtl8187L kext supplied, and it has an entry for wg111v2. Possibly the device id they have in that info.plist is wrong. Anyway i bought a dlink dwl-g122 and it works fine...so im not gonna bother chasing it up. Although qwerty maybe you can bug (email) realtek about it (assuming your usb wireless adapter is actually teh realtek chipset one).
  2. How to....?

    you need admin privileges...type "sudo" before each line (you'll be asked for your password). Or just use finder to copy over...its much easier imo.
  3. Netgear WG111 v2 USB dongle

    theres a mac osx realtek driver thats supposed to be the same chipset as the wg111v2, but it didnt work for me. So i just got myself a dwl-g122 and with the ralink drivers it worked perfectly.
  4. hehe, franzy, sounds like a plan although, i dont think just adding the vendor-pci id to info.plist by itself will work...i think some hex editing of the driver file itself is required. For example, to get my broadcom ethernet working i had use the broadcom kext, add to the info.plist, then replace certain hex values in the driver file with the last 2 charracters of my pci-id (e.g. my pci id was 169c...i had to replace "57" with "9c"...there were about 40 instances). I think the intel driver might work the same way. Of course, its harder than the broadcom ethernet cause my osx install came with the broadcom kext, whereas there's no intel kext (to my knowledge). Anyway, just a heads up
  5. As for the LAN thingy: i dont think you tried the lan solution properly...it SHOULD work if u follow the instructions from tinhead and hater properly. ill spill out exactly what you need to do: 1) download the AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext.zip file that dark elf linked to. 2) extract it...and you need to edit info.plist (i used windows wordpad for this, its easiest this way because you dont have to deal with permissions...but you could use sudo nano in osx): find the sequence: <array> ... <string>pci14e4,165e</string> and add: <string>pci14e4,169d</string> Save it. 3)get yourself a hex editor, and open up "AppleBCM5701Ethernet" (the file with no extension) use search and replace, and find everything with "66 81 FA 59 16" and replace with "66 81 FA 9D 16" (i.e. use replace all...you should get around 40-50 replacements) 4) search and replace --- "75 71" to "EB 71" (i.e. replace all...should only be one replacement) Save the "AppleBCM5701Ethernet" file. 5) in osx, copy over the .kext file to /systems/library/extensions/ 6) in osx open up terminal and follow the commands set out by hater and tinhead, namely: sudo -s cd / cd /System/Library/Extensions/ ln -s IONetworkingFamily.kext com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily.kext rm /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions rm /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kernelcaches/* kextcache -c 7) reboot As for the wireless, like dark elf said, theres no hope.
  6. hehe, my first post have installed jas 10.4.6 osx and everything works great except for the wireless...so i have obvious interest in this thread, like many others. franzy, ure doing great work so far, lets hope this puzzle can be solved once and for all! ive got an intel pro wireless 2915abg; the ids: device instance id: pci\ven_8086&dev_4223&subsys_10008086&rev_05\4&ad1b67f&0&38f0 service: w29n51 drivers: w29n51.sys, w29ncpa.dll hope that helps. not sure wat you have in mind, and im kinda going outta a limb here, but my guess is that there is some general intel wireless driver which you can utilise, and just need to enter in the specific ids into the info.plist of the relevant .kext. Well thats wat i did to get my broadcom 5788 ethernet to work anyway...although that involved some hex editing of the driver file itself as well. Anyway just a guess...good luck franzy!