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  1. Aperture

    I CAN'T GET APERTURE TO WORK INTEL PENTIUM D 940 2GB DDR2 ATI X1800XL (FULL QE/CI) 230GB hard drive It says that I have no hardware to run it??? HELP ME GUYS, PLEASE!!! I AM SO DISAPONTED...
  2. I did that but unfortunately it didn't work. What I cannot understand is why Microsoft Office 2004 somehow affected my system to the point where it doesn't turn off automatically anymore. How is that possible? And now I am pretty sure that is due to the Office once I have not done any other upgrades on my system... I am so dissapointed! buuaaaaa!!!
  3. How I do that? Sorry but I am a new girl on Mac I can't understand why after a software install the system just dosen't respond anymore how it should. CHeer I NEED HELP PLEASEE
  4. HELLO ALL I have a very interesting question to ask you all. My computer right after a do a fresh install of MAC OS shuts down automatically using the shut down option. After I start installing new application my computers stops shutting down automatically which it somehow bother me cause I have to do a hardware shut down manually and I am afraid to damage the Hard Drive. Yesterday I decided to find out the cause of that, I knew the problem was due to a software installing I just didn't know which one. So after I clean install everything went smooth, the PC shut down automatically, so then here I go to install Office 2004 and voiala" the computer stops shutting down automatically. Now the system cleans up the screen leaving only the wallpaper showing and DOESN'T TURN OFF AUTOMATICALLY. MY QUESTION IS, WHY OFFICE IS CAUSING THIS PROBLEM? MAYBE IT IS SOMETHING THAT OFFICE LOADS DURING THE BOOT UP THAT KEEPS IN THE MEMORY AND THE PC CANNOT STOP ITS OPERATION? PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME A HOPE.... A REALLY WANT TO HAVE OFFICE IN MY MAC HOWEVER I PREFER TO HAVE THE SHUT DOWN FUNCTION WORKING WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS. I appreciate any help
  5. MY ATI X800XL is working fine under CALLISTO 008, however when i go to step two to enable QE/CI I get a blank screen and, I ended up reinstalling my OS... I tried over 8 times so far. I use JaS 10.4.6, and looking at the post above I have some hope to get the QE to work, i just need the old KEXT files! Could someone please send me the files to my e-mail rangelm (AT) rogers.com ... I really appreciate! Thanks