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  1. hi. i use xp and rme hammerfall dsp pcmcia multiface. i use logic, i use live. i use audiomulch. i have logic6, i could upgrade to logic7.2 or something. what i was hoping, honestly, was this: i get a 17" macbook pro. i install XP into it. i dont know, bootcamp, x86 tiger, i dont know any of the words. something that makes me run XP. that XP, will, run exactly like my xp on pc laptop. i.e. i will be able to get sound out with the rme, it will have asio, i can run software that doesnt exist as universal-binary on the mac, yet, until it exists. what im basically asking is this: should i do this? should i ditch my pc laptop, dump wholesale into a macbook pro, get the 2gb memory and all that, and SHOULD I GO IN HOPING that i will be able to run, on the MBP/XP = logic5.5.1, audiomulch.. and on the MBP, live5.2 and eventually logic and other software, using my soundcards? (rme hammerfall dsp pcmcia, and echo indigo pcmcia). should i go here, because i do not know, some people tell me "theres no asio on the bootcamp", other people say "yes there is", i dont know anything, i cant do any research, i cant understand anything, i today found that i could get a MBP, and i was strictly speaking hoping that i could throw this piece of {censored} p4/2ghz laptop out the fkn window, and USE, and COMPOSE, on a ultrasilent mac-book-pro, WITHOUT trouble, without any hassle, and eventually when theres more UB/MBP programs could get into using them. the xp part of it would be to access VST.. should i just stop all this computer mess and start a career in carving out my brain with a knife or WOT _please help_