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  1. Do we need any new special tools or will the latest version of Chameleon and SMBios cut it for running El Capitan? Obviously rootless=0 will need to be added to our list of boot-args.
  2. Those changes are already in Mavericks and have been in there since DP1... You guys misread the post and the person who posted the information in that article is mis informed into thinking that Mavericks will break Hackintoshs. The WWDC session video states that kext in /Library/Extension will not load if they are not CODESIGNED. However kexts in Extra/Extensions and S/L/E will continue to load (as they are now) and upon the first installation of your mac an annoying box will pop up and will inform you that S/L/E is not valid but they loaded anyway. After you click Ok, you will never see that box again. Everything is fine.
  3. Thank you, this fixed an issue for me on Mavericks. I thought I could have FakeSMC.kext in S/L/E... apparently I needed it in E/E... After I ran Kext Utility everything was golden.
  4. What is the different between the trunk branch and the Enoch branch? I've always wondered this, as I have always just used Enoch and my system has worked great!
  5. I got it working on this Mobo in the past but I updated to revision F6 and am no longer able to get it working... Try the following command in the bootloader: -v -npci=0x2000 (or) -v -npci=0x3000 Also just incase you reseted your bios don't forget HPET needs 64-Bit and you must be on AHCI... Also make sure your HDD is not in the Marvell Sata 6Gb, it has to be in the Intel 6Gb controller. I guarantee you that this will fix the problem. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT YOUR GRAPHICS CARD IN THE X16 SLOT SO THAT IT CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ITS 256-Bit Bus!
  6. Oatman

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Yup, I just purchased this MOBO as well and there is no DSDT support in your patcher... The main difference between the Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 and the Z68X-UD4 is that the "P" version has a built in HDMI for video output without a graphics card. It would be definitely nice to see this as an addition!
  7. LOL that crashed my entire normal leopard install, even though I only installed it to the snow drive... I've been gone for two weeks, you cant tell me that this still isn't working... If anyone has the time, heres my computer on HP.com http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...259&lang=en
  8. Oatman

    Radeon 4550 - Any Kexts?

    Yea does anyone have the kexts required for this graphics card?
  9. I am having no luck with this method... I get the same ole error.
  10. Yea sure, that would be no problem, my board has a "Combined Mode" and a "Enhanced Mode." I am pretty sure this is what your talking about because Combined Mode basically says it recognizes up to 4 IDE Drives and Enhanced recognizes six. Also, do you need disabler, at all?
  11. What about the PIIXATA kext? Did you even change it at all to Netkas's or anything or did you leave it just like it came with snow leopard installed? What kexts did you use? Also 32bit or 64bit or both? Oh and under where in my bios do I set to auto? Btw, thanks so much for your help.
  12. No success with old ioata kexts... I just tried it and had no luck with it at all.
  13. Oatman

    First Hackintosh

    No just a blank 4.7GIG DVD. You burn the ISO to it and boot from it.
  14. Here tell me how you got your AMD Processor and your nForce board to install iPC, maybe I can help you with 10.6. See my g/f has a AMD and a nForce and she kernal panics upon loading the iPC 10.5.6 installation disk.