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  1. How come your geekbench score is 900, Shoarthing's is at 1400+ ? running @ 1.6Ghz
  2. Thnx shoarting for your advise and appreciated opinion, Just like Fpoil I want to use my asrock as a Mediacenter and maybe some background torrent downloading. But since it will be mainly used as an HTPC it has to have smooth video and 1080p playback and ofcourse the audio(external adapter). So from what I read here SL on the asrock is not yet ready for handling all the video and audio stuff as 10.5.8 is. Though I will be following this thread because as you, I really like new shiny stuff
  3. Would you say 10.5.8 is still the most complete and solid install for our little box at this moment ?
  4. Is Quicktime X playing other formats than mkv @ 1080p okay or dropping frames as well.. ?
  5. Wow Is 2.2 a setting in the bios ? I thought it wouldnt go beyond 2.1, and as shoarthing could you tell me what your using voor sound on OSX ?
  6. Hey Goz, you souped up the little guy to 2.2ghz, but is that stable ? I mean you managed to almost get the same geekbench score on 10.6 without the 2 htt cores, than shoarthing on 10.5.6 with them. So do the fans go wild, or is it still a quiet little bugger thnx.
  7. Great stuff you guys ! Any word on better audio support under SL ?
  8. Being a N00b here Wat is QE/CI ? How's the audio on Snow Leopard ? Still need an external USB sound card to get good audio ? thnx
  9. Hey shoarting, no problems could you tell me what WiFi adapter you're using ? I couldnt find it in the guide.. Thnx ! P.S is anyone trying 10.6 on the asrock ?
  10. Wow good stuff ! Whats the issue with sleep, does it hang on sleep or just doesn't.. ? And could you test if 1080p works under OSX ? Thanx !
  11. Wow that's a lotta stuff fixed ! USB2 without hassles is good !!, you say video 720p no 1080p ?
  12. Good to have you back ! Can't wait for your progress on the Asrock ! [Edit] It's been quiet around here.
  13. A I see, but any DTS passthrough usb audio card should work ? Or does it have to come with drivers ?