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  1. by what method you update leo 1.6
  2. does not work... and with CD started.... I start Snow Leo on HDD
  3. what version of SNOW LEOPARD you have? i have 1.6.2 I renewed it
  4. I did everything on usb stick... but not loaded
  5. Thank you very much! Loading from a disk works very well! please teach me how to do downloading from HDD....
  6. before i heve mod bios - all leo (1.5.6; 1.5.8; 1.6; ) instal no problem... on my hdd it was instaled SnowOSX Universal 10.6 GM (10a432) v3.5 and I'm download update 1.6.2 and my sistem dead! I kill mod bios... and my sistem dont load! !!!with your disk my instaled system work now!!! but without a disk not loaded... how I must do that the system was downloaded from hdd
  7. senku very mach!!! Work!!! I Load my snow leo 16.2 on disk hdd-0 (which stood to the update of bios) how to do that á my leopard load without a disk?
  8. i heve retail Snow Leo disc! i weit bootcd! senks!
  9. SnowOSX Universal 10.6 GM (10a432) v3.5
  10. please create boot disk for 7519 P43 Neo
  11. 7519v1A http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=download...1&type=bios somebody help!!!!
  12. not work! 'using 16834 buffer headers and 4096 cluster
  13. I have patched dsdt! how to create bootcd with patched dsdt ?