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  1. hi, i've installed iDeneb 1.4, with kernel Voodoo, and I followed this how to (option 1 because i have a working installation of linux) I'm no longer stuck at the message "using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers.", but I get a new error : "ACPI_SMC_Platform_Plugin::start-WaitForService(ressourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out" I don't have the kext 'AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement', and I read that it doesn't work with core 2 Duo processors. hope anyone know how to solve this problem thanks CONFIGURATION : Asus P5q Pro Intel core 2 duo E7300 Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 - 512Mo 2go ram (DDR2-1066) Seagate Barracuda 500 Go 7200.11 SATA II 32Mo (ST3500320AS)
  2. iAtkos 5i installation problem

    I got the same results with iAtkos v7. I also tested it on VirtualBox, and I got a critical error saying "The guest is trying to switch to the PAE mode which is currently disabled by default in VirtualBox. PAE support can be enabled using the VM settings" So I enabled PAE support (I don't know what it is) and then I managed to have the grey screen with the apple (with the iso of iAtkos 5i as well as with the iso of iAtkos v7), but the screen was frozen. I tried to boot with -v option and i got two different screens, depending of what iso I was using : with iAtkos 5i with iAtkos v7 I don't know if it is usefull to solve the problem. Hope someone will findout the solution. PS: here is my configuration : Asus P5q pro, Intel core 2 duo E7300, Ati radeon HD 4870
  3. HI, I've downloaded iatkos 5i from the web, and after having checked the md5sum, I burned it slowly. My motherboard is a P5Q Pro, so I followed this tuto : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=137296 I flashed the bios, enabled AHCI mode, and made sure that the computer will boot on the DVD. After that I booted on the iAtkos dvd, and I wer asked to press any key to begin the installation or F8 for more boot options. I didn't press F8 but another key, and soon I saw the grey screen with the apple. But after 1 second, the screen disapeared and after a very short black screen, my computer restarted. This time I tried to boot with -v, but instead of the grey screen with the apple, only lines of instructions were displayed (too fast for me to read it), and the computer restarted once again. I tried several times, but I always got the same result. Does anyone know how to solve this problem ? Thanks