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  1. Honestly? the easiest way to install Mavericks or any other os x version is to use MyHack. I used it to install Lion, ML and now Mavericks and it works really well. I am not lazy, I'm just tired (AKA TOO OLD!) of fighting with issues each time I need to install OS X on my hack. BTW, I ditched TonyMac's boot tool in favour of the genuine Chameleon boot loader - it works better.
  2. 10.6.5 is out

    Had 10.6.4 installed on C2D Quad, intel DP35DP mobo, nVidia 9800GTX+, Chameleon RC4, patched DSDT, latest VoodooHDA. Installed 10.6.5 through software update (517MB) and it works well. Nothing to report. TonyMacx86's website has some notification though that users should read: http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/11/mac...065-update.html
  3. VoodooHDA

    VoodooHDA v2.61 has this bug so if possible, try using VoodooHDA v2.1 - it doesn't reset volume after restart / shutdown.
  4. Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0

    Works fine with my 9800GTX+ (SL 10.6.4)
  5. Had the same problem. See solution here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...rt=#entry124385
  6. Did you look here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi....php/t7283.html and here? http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/05/still-w...or-root-device/ Please give an update if you make it run successfully.
  7. Unless money is a huge issue, you should really get a SATA HD and DVD-RW. The costs are extremely low and it will enable you to run both OS X and Windows on the same computer both in dual boot (Chameleon boot loader) and in virtual machines on OS-X. I too had an IDE DVD-RW and I bought me a simple SATA LG burner. Cost me around 25$US and that was it. I run Leopard and Win7 on my HackPro. On Leopard I also run VMWare 3 and Parallels 5. On VMWare 3 I run Win7, Win-XP and Ubuntu. On Parallels 5 I run Win7. I am using iDeneb 10.5.8. These Hackintoshes are just a ton of fun, you'll be able to use all the benefits of all OSs and geek around for hours. As for your question, I have no idea how to run OS-X a Windows VMWare Machine but I think that the server version of OS-X is supported in VMWare
  8. Excellent machine and I think you did the right decision ditching the dead iMac and not paying $700 for a repair. The geek pr0n pics are nice - looks like a cool environment to work in. As to the sleep issues, I am not an expert, but prepare yourself to the option of living with it. For some people it works, for the majority of people it doesn't. I have a little older hardware on my hackPro but still very modern (C2D Quad) and I could never get the sleep function to work properly. There is a specialized kext that may help you: OpenHaltRestart_1.0.3.kext search for it in the forum, see if it does the trick... enjoy your new hackintosh! Cheers.
  9. Monster PRODUCTIVITY Hackintosh

    I would say an SSD will give you a good bang for the buck if you are highly dependent on your storage performance. It will also boot up the system more quickly. The CPU will give you more overall performance but it will also require you to buy a more expensive mother-board and more expensive DDR3 RAM. Make the decision according to your own needs, but if I were on a budget I wouldn't buy any of these parts - they don't do THAT of a big difference in day to day work. Cheers.
  10. Monster PRODUCTIVITY Hackintosh

    Though the parts you are suggesting are indeed very good, they are also quite expensive. His budget is up to $1,200 - I don't think he can squeeze in an Corei7 and SSD.
  11. Monster PRODUCTIVITY Hackintosh

    I suggest the following setup: CPU: A good Quad - either C2D or Corei7. If your budget is tight go for a Quad C2D. The four cores will leverage Snow Leopard's grand central dispatch (multi threading technology) well. RAM: 16GB or more. Go for simple RAM like DDR2 800Mhz if it's a C2D as it's cheap and performs well. A lot of RAM is one of the most important things you'll need if you are working with a lot of apps in parallel. Mother Board: Any relevant mobo from Gigabyte / Asus - look at the snow leopard components guide at the OSx86 Wiki. Make sure the board has working on-board LAN & Sound chips when running OS X. Video Card: I would go for an nVidia GeForce 9800GTX with either 512MB or 1GB. These cards are supported well and also support OpenCL which will be used by most professional apps in the coming months to accelerate performance. This card also flies with Windows 7 AND as a bonus it runs games pretty good. This video card is pretty cheap these days. HD: 2 X 1TB 7200RPM drives. One for Snow Leopard and the other for Windows 7 if you need it. They are cheap as dirt and will work well for 3 years. I would refrain from SSDs right now as they are very expensive. DVD-RW: LG SATA are Ok. Just make sure they are SATA and not IDE. IDE doesn't work under Mac OS X 10.5/6 Case: Go for a midi tower that can house 1 or 2 DVDs and at least 4 HDs. Make sure that the power supply is strong enough - an Enermax Modu82+ is a good choice as it is powerful and VERY quiet. Place one quiet 120mm fan in the back and another at the front. Make sure all these components are as quiet as they can be so you won't suffer from noise when working. Use Chameleon RC3 as a boot loader with Snow Leopard retail install DVD (Buy it, don't be a shmock). Chameleon also represents OS selection in a very nice and easy way in case you have multiple OS installs. Cheers. P.S If you are wondering, this is my setup: CPU: C2D Quad 6600 RAM: 8GB DDR2 HD: WD 320GB Video Card: 9800GTX+ 512MB VRam Mother Board: Intel Dragontail LAN & Sound: on-board Screen: Apple Cinema Display 20" OS: Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 Windows 7: via VMWare Fusion Boot loader: Chameleon RC2
  12. Nvidia 8800gtx video playback

    A possible solution: I too had this problem and I have tried *anything and everything*. Searched the forums and web for two damn months. Just like you, I have everything set up correctly. Kexts, system recognizes my 9800GTX+ with the right amount of RAM (512MB), etc. I had choppy video when I moved a finder window, I had an annoying constant little lag while moving my mouse (and yes, I did the mouse lag fix that helped), my Dock magnification animation slowed down considerably when I played video and it also slowed down when I dragged an icon (that becomes semi transparent) onto the dock. This issue was driving me nuts. Today I noticed something funny. I opened system profiler for the billionth time to take a look at the graphics card info. Then I noticed that the display was connected to the secondary DVI port. I disconnected the screen and attached it to the other DVI port I have on the 9800GTX+ and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! The F*CKER works like a charm!!! NO MORE VIDEO SLOW DOWNS, DOCK ANIMATION IS SCREAMING FAST, I CAN DRAG THE FINDER WHILE A VIDEO IS PLAYING (EVEN 3 HD VIDEOS IN PARALLEL IN QUICKTIME). VLC works great too! No more mouse lags, no more slowdowns, no more choppy videos. Works perfectly! CAN YOU F*CKEN BELIEVE IT?!?!? The damn monitor was connected to the SECONDARY DVI port and when I connected it to the PRIMARY DVI port (it's just the other DVI port), everything just worked as it should!!! UNBELIEVABLE. HILARIOUS!!! Of course, I restarted and also shut down + restart just to make sure it was not a temp solution. I remembered your post and that no one answered it so I decided to share. I hope it will help - even though it's the dumbest solution in the history of this forum. Please update if it does... My Spec: ----------- Mac OS X 10.5.7 (iDeneb) Vanilla Kernel 9.7.0 Chameleon 2 RC2 bootloader Quad Core Q6600 CPU GeForce 9800GTX+ 512MB VRAM Intel Dragontail Motherboard (model: DP35DP) 8GB DDR2 RAM 320GB 7200rpm HD Onboard LAN and Sound 20inch lcd display running at 1680 x 1050 *NO* NVInjector or any other injectors...
  13. Can't boot without install DVD

    Thanks for posting this bro - I had the same prob and it fixed it! Good Job.