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  1. usb Soundbar not working

    This should be stickied... had the same problem with my C-Media USB audio device.
  2. Long story (MB swap, etc.) but I need to change the serial displayed in "About this Mac" on a real MacBook. I remember I did it a while ago but it took me a while to figure out and even then I ended up editing the Info.plist in the SystemProfiler app I believe, which I don't think is the most elegant solution. I'd like something a bit easier, doesn't need to be permanent, and I don't mind if I have to install Chameleon or something.
  3. Can't get display output without -x

    Yeah I checked it was loading. I gave up, moving to H97 and calling it a day.
  4. Can't get display output without -x

    Seems like I spoke too soon. Damn thing just reverted back to a nonfunctional state (same problem as always, display doesn't initialize). No changes in files or updates to blame.
  5. Can't get display output without -x

    Well I feel that this is a much better solution than disabling the IGPU in BIOS, since Windows will still be able to use it (quicksync and extra outputs). That's what I'm using! I just wish there were a way to use 1 less kext/hack.
  6. Mac App Store access with NullEthernet.kext

    I have, but it gets reverted upon reboot it seems.
  7. Mac App Store access with NullEthernet.kext

    To show that my WiFi interface is getting renamed to USB Ethernet (and I've seen Ethernet become WiFi IIRC). Ok thanks I'll see what I can figure out.
  8. Mac App Store access with NullEthernet.kext

    I'm currently using this, and it works, but I'd like to see if there's a way to do without it. Amongst other things, my interfaces get renamed every time I reboot: I haven't tested if the actual USB Ethernet adapter is functional in this setup. I've got a compatible mPCIe AirPort card, and a genuine Apple USB Ethernet adapter. Ideally, I'd like to be able to access the App Store without a null kext or enabling my MBs Ethernet, any ideas?
  9. Can't get display output without -x

    I got it working just by removing all GFX0 references from my DSDT! I'll attach the Extra folder for this config, and I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at my DSDT to check that I didn't mess something up (it compiles but I honestly don't know what I deleted). Next step is to remove references to audio in DSDT (I use USB), figure out how to make the App Store work with Apple's own USB Ethernet, and I'll have a fully functional system with only FakeSMC! Archive.zip
  10. Can't get display output without -x

    You are right Gringo, with those options I can boot with IGPU set as primary, but not with PCIe. I just hope there's a way to make it so I can have PCIe as primary, since I really need that to be able to boot Windows.
  11. Can't get display output without -x

    Good to know. The reason I wanted GTX as primary is because my motherboard won't output QHD, so I NEED to use the DVI output for my GTX once booted. So if I set the IGP to primary, I need to plug in an HDMI just to boot Windows. I'll try those options when I get home. Do you think there's a way to diable the loading of Intel GFX kexts via a legacy kext or something? Kind of like the null Ethernet kext
  12. Can't get display output without -x

    Gringo, thank you for the reply. I wish I could disable my on-die HD4000 in BIOS, but that's not an option on my board. I've tried using SkipIntelGFX=Yes and IGPEnabler=No but it made no difference. In any case, many users of this board are able to get the IGPU and discrete working in tandem, so I don't know why mine is giving me trouble, unless it's because my CPU is an i3, but the IGPU should be the same as i5/i7. I noticed I hadn't uploaded my original DSDT: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4KRKk8uZaz6Q2hUdTBIaXJ6V1E/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Can't get display output without -x

    I don't have any ATI or NVidia injector kexts, the only kexts I have are fakesmc and genericusbxhci. I don't think I have radeon injection in dsdt, but in any case shouldn't booting with dsdt=0 -f be the same as removing it and cleaning caches?Tried booting with those options:
  14. Can't get display output without -x

    Sorry about that: Just some network timeout errors, nothing of consequence I imagine. This is booting with my original boot options or any combination of the ones you suggested, pretty much looks the same.