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  1. Hi MrJanek, I have two questions for you, please: 1) Would this method work with Snow Server? 2) Why on the HDD we must have only one partition to install the Snow OS? (What would be wrong with 2 + partitions GUID) Thank you very much. Mr.N.
  2. Hi, I have exactly the same issue with the Blue Screen (but is not quite as blue as in BSOD from M$ - just light blue and a little mind numbing) I also have a GTX 260 (evga 896Mb) which I believe is the culprit. (There is no right EFI string for it -- help Netkas!) My mobo is GA EP45-UD3LR and I can only boot with -x32 (otherwise I get KP) I could not modify the infamous DSDT since it's soooooooooo hard and I get errors when I try to compile with iasl (even though I have the xcode installed) Interesting to mention that I also empirically believe that EFI 10.1 package might be involved in this, as well....