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  1. Okay, Does anyone know how to edit the Bios properly to keep speedstepping. Because if i go in, and change anything with my ram, depending what is changed, i lose speedstepping. And other times i lose turbo. It sucks! And i can't figure it out. Like X.M.P. makes me lose speedstepping, but if i change one of the options back to auto (something to do about cores), speed stepping works, but turbo doesn't work. Like what the hell.
  2. If you figure this out, would you be willing to share the source with me? That way i can see how it is done, and just do it myself each time a new one comes out that way i don't have to rely on someone else (: thanks in advanced if you agree to it.
  3. Please hurry back flaked. I plan to hold off on updating till patch is released. If i knew how to do it i would. So when you come back, you should teach me. (: thanks
  4. MSRDumper

    I was gonna run MSRDumper on real iMac; but sadly i don't know the root password at my local Apple Store. Sorry was hoping to help
  5. The beta patch does work. I'm using it right now. Before i updated, Using a real mac with 10.7.2 update i checked the version of AICPUPM using System Information under Extensions and was versioned at 167.00. So i went ahead updated using Combo Update, rebooted using rBoot. Patched using SpeedStepper patch for 10.7.2 Beta because it specifically says that its for AICPUPM v167.00 only. Restarted and booted back up just fine. edit:
  6. Currently i'm running 10.7.2 final using your SpeedStepper patch for 167.00 I modified my MacPro3,1 plist for SP13 from MacBookPro8,3 this is what i get after i boot up and have MSRDumper running: Oct 14 03:23:18 Tylers-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: MSRDumper PStatesReached: 16 23 26 30 34 35 36 37 After i put the computer to sleep, kextunload, then reload MSRDumper i get this :/ Edit: Same PStates i got before adding the SP13/Data to MacPro3,1 plist Oct 14 03:35:17 Tylers-Mac-Pro kernel[0]: MSRDumper PStatesReached: 16 35 36 37 38 I don't know why its doing that, but only seems to do it after the computer goes to sleep. You can email me at lxlifestream@gmail.com my board is Asus P8Z68 Deluxe I'd be willing to test newer versions and give feedback. I'm very.. well, i have to have every little thing working on my hackintosh or i'm not satisfied.