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  1. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    no luck here, i havent change any of the settings it was working perfect with 10.6.2, i tried the 10.6.2 installer and it doesnt see the disk eighter, this is getting weird, ill install 10.6 like at first, if not ill just forget it, anyways i am getting my new rig next week, p55, i5 core
  2. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    boots up but installer won't see my hard drive, any other sugestion?
  3. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Whats up guys, i need some help. I had my SL 10.6.2 running nice, had some problems but where solve in this thread, now im back asking for help, i am trying to do a clean install using retail disk 10.6.3. If i restored to a hard drive i get still waiting for root device, even using the waiting for root device fix on the previous page, if boot from usb it wont recognize my hard drives, any suguestion? i know that i can install 10.6 o 10.6.2 then upgrade, but i would like to install 10.6.3 retail
  4. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Whats your video card model? and memory size? maybe i can generate a file for you. But the way of doing it is: 1. Get a copy of EFI Studio 2. open efi studio and look for your video card model and memory size 3. click ADD Device 4 on the botom box will generate a hex code copy all that and paste it on your boot.plist file on the extra folder like this <key>device-properties</key> <string>HEX CODE GOES HERE - BUNCH OF NUMBERS</string>
  5. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Brandon: i have only used nvidia cards and always use EFI string not kext and never had a problem that way. Rob and the others: how do you fix the time issue when dual boot? i have windows 7 and SL
  6. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Great! so what was it? what were you doing wrong? maybe that can help other users?
  7. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    ok your running kalyway 10.5.1 right? 1- Grab another hard drive 2- Partition the hard drive as guid 1, 2 partitions whatever you need i made only one partition 3- install snow leo retail image/dvd on that other HD partition 4- install kameleon RC3 on that other HD select customize and remove extra kext and other stuf leave only normal installation 5- install moded boot1h: (i uploaded on previews page) sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXs2 where X is snow leopard disk 6- install preview posted kext, dsdt, com.apple.plist on snow leoard disk 7- add effi string for video card usin efi studio (Nvidia) or use ATI kext insted 8 reboot and press F12 9 Select Snow leopard disk 10 enjoy snow leopard!!! If you dont install modded boot1h you wont be able to boot with RAID ON i have two hard drives one with windows7 the other snow leopard. Everything is working fine no problems at all.
  8. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    BOOT1: error FIXED I tried and it works, boot without error as AHCI (RAID ON) here is the moded boot1h just follow the instructions on chamelon readme file for installation boot1h.zip
  9. same here keep loading keyboard configuration help please
  10. OSx86 installed on P35

    usb bluetooth dongle works fine for me, no problems at all, mine is an Encore Bluetooth dongle
  11. OSx86 installed on P35

    hehe don't worry my friend i know sounds kind of noob thats ok, but yes i know what im doing, ill try the tortuga method and ill paste here the log, but yes is very possible that im doing something wrong doesn't make sence to me neither.
  12. OSx86 installed on P35

    i just tryed didn't work
  13. OSx86 installed on P35

    i do agree! yes im sure noting comes up, but now im a little confuse, i install ALC883 kext pkg wich installs applehda kext no apple azalia, but anyways i edit booth appleHDA and AppleAzalia and their controler kext nome of them work maybe im doing something wrong, now my question is wich one should i use? applehda o appleazalia? (jus remember p35 ich9 alc883, this topic is ADI)
  14. OSx86 installed on P35

    nope doesn't work
  15. OSx86 installed on P35

    didn't work; it could b wrong ID let me check the guides and i'll let you know