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  1. I have an Acer Aspire One D150 (Non 3G) which I'm thinking of adding a 2nd Mini PCI-E slot and SIM card holder using the following mod - http://tnkgrl.wordpress.com/2008/10/28/mod...pire-one-hsdpa/ I hope to use the 2nd mini PCI-E slot for an internal 3G/HSDPA card. My question is what 3G Mini PCI-E cards are supported in OSX? I'm based in the UK and the card needs to also support the UK 3G network providers. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Good to know the Wireless card works in ubuntu, that was the reason I changed the original wireless card.
  3. I fixed my Wireless - I ordered a Broadcom BCM94321MC off Ebay. I now have a dual OSX and XP system both with working wireless. I used the following XP drivers for my Broadcom BCM94321MC http://www.driversdown.com/drivers/8178.shtml Just while searching eBay for a wireless card I ordered a SIM card holder and mini-PCIe riser ready for my next mod of adding 3G to my AAO. See - http://tnkgrl.wordpress.com/2008/10/28/mod...pire-one-hsdpa/
  4. second update.. Now Start OSXTools and click install kexts browse to the dir First and select all (3) kexts and click install. After the kexts install with will pop up asking to reboot DO NOT REBOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you reboot you will have to go into single user mode again and remove all the files again SO DO NOT REBOOT YET! CLICK CANCEL Now open the folder Second and click on GMA950.pkg and a setup window will pop up. click continue, click install put in your password if you have one and proceed. after the install you can now reboot. reboot with flag -f (IMPORTANT THE FIRST TIME) then you can reboot without any option in the future. Once you reboot you should be back at the OS X desktop but now with working 1024x600 resolution! you can now enable Quartz. Enable Quartz To enable Quartz open OSX86 Tools and click the Enable/Disable Quartz GL button. It will tell you the current status. If its disabled, feel free to enable it by clicking the button that says "Enable Quartz GL". after Quartz is enabled the system will need to rebooted. You should now be fully working on OS X 10.5.7 -->> I'm here and i now have a working dual boot system. Thanks to everyone on this thread, and thanks for Sniper69 for the quick responses during my configuration work. Thanks again.
  5. Ok, just read your comments fully, and i'm following the same steps you made in install with dual boot. I have: XP 30GB pirmary partition 1 OSX 30GB Primary partition 2 shared FAT32 logical partition 3 XP boots before installing iatkos 10.5.7. When installing iatkos I follow the steps shown in this thread. and as you said the default boot loader is Chameleon not Darwin so I guess i don't need to continue past step 7 in http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52954 I will let you know how I get on. Update so far. I have OSX installed and at the moment I boot both OSX and XP. I havent yet completed the full install steps detailed on this thread. -->> i'm here at the moment. So now that OS X is installed when the Acer 150 reboots you will see the Chameleon boot loader. press any key to enter setup. Once you press any key you then type -s (you should see boot: -s on the bottom left hand side of the screen), now press enter and it should boot you into single user mode. with you get the command prompt it will look like this: :/ root# now type /sbin/fsck -fy and press enter after it does its thing type: /sbin/mount -uw / and press enter don't forget that / after -uw or you will not have write access. (also make sure to put the space between the w and the /). Do this exactly to make things easier Type: cd System/Library and press enter Type: rm -r Extensions.mkext and press enter Type: cd Extensions and press enter Type: rm -r AppleIntelGMA*.* and press enter Type: rm -r AppleIntelIntergrated*.* press tab and it will fill in the rest for you and press enter Type: shutdown -r now This will remove the kext cache and all of the Intel Graphic drivers because they do not work correctly (stuck at 800x600) and the system should now reboot. If all went well you should be at the screen to enter in all of your info and user account =) ........ ....
  6. I was using an Intel 4965AGN, which I installed because of Linux support for the original adapter. but it looks like the Intel is not supported in OSX - I assume from your last comment that the original Atheros adapter is also not supported?
  7. sniper69. I'm just starting again, I tried enabling Chameleon and was unable to boot, even XP fixmbr and fixboot failed to recover. I followed your steps but stopped at step 7, This time I will complete the full process - ;0) BTW, what wireless adapter are you using in your AAO? I have just reinstalled the original card to give it a try. Thanks Just to add. When I first started the process and took a reboot after setting up my disk partitions my AAO would not boot, it got stuck with a blank screen it didn't even show the BIOS. To recover from this is used the following steps -thank god for the internet. http://www.qrpcw.com/2009/01/acer-aspire-o...s-recovery.html I'm now running the latest BIOS version.
  8. Thanks for your install procedure. I can see XP if i hit any key during boot, but if i select XP i get a Disk error "Press Ctrl+Alt+Del" to restart. I assume the OSX install has overwrote the XP MBR? how can this be fixed? I also changed the Wireless card in my Acer for an Intel 4965AGN, which it seems is not supported. I changed the original as it didn't have good support in ubuntu. I might change back - any issues with the original Wireless adapter?
  9. Thanks for your reply, interesting you are running Dual boot, I was thinking of doing the same. Can you let me know the steps you followed to configure dual boot, which OS did you install first? Thanks
  10. You guys seem to have done a lot of work to get Iatkos working on the AAO - well done. I'm thinking of following your lead and giving it a try. What do you think to the performance? THX