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  1. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    hey aly369! Have you tried to install Snow leopard?
  2. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    Ya I successfully installed 8500 GT geforce on my PC using EFI studio. Now, I have ZTE EVDO AC8700 USB modem, can any budy suggest how can I use it on mac? Thanks...
  3. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    hey aly369 can u just give me the description of your 8600GT model? or is there any new model with high graphics is available and working with our MoBo or not? please suggest me..
  4. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    NO .... you try SATA HDD & SATA DVD Drive
  5. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    try SATA/SATA.....! @aly369 i'm planning t buy a graphic card,. can u suggest which one will work best with our mobo.
  6. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    ya it is on board. hhhhhh........... is there'nt any ways to solve it?
  7. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Finaly I got.......... Hi aly369 I installed iPC, iAtkos. but only with SATA/SATA. with only one problem that graphics. when i choose NVinject 128, NVKush it hangs on reboot on the grey screen. otherwise all other things run fine. again thanks buddy.
  8. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    .... I readed your topic on pre seriese nforce mobo... I checked my BIOS, but there is no mistake. Now I installed iAtkos 7i, but again on reboot displayed same problem "waiting for boot device with uuid...." "still waiting for root device" hhhhhhhhhhh.................!!!!!!!!!!!! What should I do?
  9. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    hey aly369!!!! ya i started to download iAtko 7..... so it will take time. but is there not any other ways to solve the problem for iPC or kalyway. because u and me have the same MOBO except HDD and DVD/WR. can u please compare the BIOS images of my MOBO with yours? because I think still there is a one or some mistake in BIOS only.. please can u do it for me?
  10. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    Hi aly369! here i'm attachin photographs of my PC BIOS:
  11. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    Hey aly369! Thanks for help today I was able to install the kalyway 10.5.2 but again on reboot the evil came up. Here is the error that I got.... Error with kalyway 10.5.2 From path: "uuid" waiting foe boot volume with UUID 5DCDBC51- 863C - 3D37 - 973C - 68EF9BBDB537 waiting on <dict ID="0"><key> IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1"> IOResources</string><key> IOResourceMatch </key><string ID="2"> boot - uuid - media </string></dict> USBF: 5.874 AppleUSBOHCI [0x3587000]: : Check Sleep Capability - OHCI Controller will be unloaded across sleep Still waiting for root device
  12. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    ya!!! Ok... you enjoy your holidays. we can discuss it when you back to work.
  13. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    Ya tried this one also but still same result. aly369! can you post the photographs of BIOS settings of your PC? either can you post the list of BIOS settings for this MOBO?
  14. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    ya i changed my dvd (Master) and HDD (slave) still no result then i flashed my bios to first 0202 and then 0802 again no result. can you give me your bios settings selected? have you installed in SATA HDD? Please Help!!!
  15. ASUS P5N-MX Guide !

    ya i tried it but still same problem!!! my HDD is ATA/IDE (Master) and DVD/RW ATA/IDE (Slave). is it cause any problem. here i m giving u photograph of error page