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  1. Help a noob reclaim his HDD

    Installed Vista now! Installed CPU-Z and got some spec from that! have uploaded those pics! Under network adapters there was some Intel® 82566DC Gigabit Platform LAN Connect Hope this helps u help me! What drivers should i use now! What option should i click on in the Utilities Tab now?? and i have a NviDia 8500GT 256 mb! what should i do in the customize tab to enable it?? Waiting for ur solutions -Ashok
  2. Help a noob reclaim his HDD

    Thanks for the reply! I've downloaded iAtKos V7 10.5.7! I'm not pretty sure about my chipset! Will inform you after i install vista. Do u know of any good guides for installing this v7 10.5.7???
  3. Help a noob reclaim his HDD

    Guys, pls help me out! i am too scared to install any OS now as it shouldn't tamper with my leopard intsallation! Which OS should i install first and how should i partition my drive??? and what should i download now?? iAtKos? kalyway? iDeneB?! desperately in need of solutions again! -Ashok
  4. Help a noob reclaim his HDD

    Update: tried that again but still with no luck. but you've helped in a way. Vista again said no info about disks but the ageold xp helped me. It went into the setup and then showed me my hdd and dynamic in the respectived coloumn. Does that mean anything? But it gave me an option to format my whole hdd. Now its white as new:-) i'd now like to install vista and leopard on that. I have 478 gb of unallocated space. How should i go about and what os should i install first. - Ashok -
  5. Help a noob reclaim his HDD

    Yes, i have a Vista boot DvD. i've tried that too. formatted my HD from the disk utility itself. But still it doesn't gets recognized! I will try that once more and tell u the results. Thanks for helpin me! -Ashok
  6. I have a 500 GB seagate HDD in which i planned to install iAtKos v7! since i created an xtra partition which was not a primary partition, i planned to install in on my C drive itself (now i regret my love for MAC OSX) removing my current OS (Vista). i was going accordin to instruction given in that torrent and i formatted my C to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format from the Disk utility! and the next instruction asked me to click Darwin boot! But alas i never found that Darwin boot in my utilities tab! and when i inserted this DVD into my old system it showed just 480 kb of size. is this normal?? now when i was fed up with this Leopard thingy, i planned to install Vista again on that Hard Drive. But vista installation came up with "No information can be obtained about the disks in this computer! make sure u have connected hard disks to ur computer". I want my computer running now! I have a Intel DG35PR motherboard! Core 2 Quad @ 2.33Ghz 4 GB RAM and the 500GB HDD with a Nvidia 8500GT 256mb! will leopard work in this configuration?? i atleast want to install windows now! tried a windows washer, but with no luck! what should i do to get my HDD back??? it just says boot error now without the iatkos DVD! and with the DVD it goes to a gery screen with an apple symbol and a circlr with cross appears, and asks me to reboot my system! pls help me to get my HDD to run windows first!! (Still my love for MAC OSX makes me write this): Later, what version of patched leopard should i download now?? any one can help me with the Dual boot of vista and leopard! Desperately in need of solutions! -Ashok
  7. I too have the same above mentioned problem! some one pls help us out!