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  1. MSI X58 Platinum Slow boot?

    how much time from bootloader to Desktop ?
  2. I have a X58 Pro and nehalem. Once I modified the DSDT, I can boot without busratio and cpus options. I see 4 cores under hardware monitor and everything works fine. Make sure you followed carefully the X58 DSDT patch.
  3. Question about the "sudo" command

    you're right, the sudo command allows a user to be granted full access to the system. So, you enter your root password, and then "you fall back to the prompt"....in fact, you switch to the root's prompt, and you're almighty. But almighty means also that you can destroy everything in 1 command, so, that's why you have limited power most of the time. When you need to do an administrative job, you become almighty, just for the command, and then, you fall back to normal user. My 2 cents.
  4. What am I doing wrong with OSX86?

    Is Sempron 2600 SSE2 ?
  5. I did hesitate to buy a mac around april. I love mac os x, but I want also to be able to play the last game with good video quality. I finally ordered my computer parts separatly on the internet, and then I assembled them. I know have a powerful computer for gaming ( 6Go Corsair, i920@3.0hz*, Noctua, Golden Sample 4870 1 Go ) and it costed me about 1200€, including a good 24" screen 1920x1200, with the crystal aspect. My choose was rather hardware than software, buy Mac Os X, I'll miss you. But, a week ago, I discovered iAtkos and Kalyways and it changed everything. Now, I can play my windows games full details in 1920x1200, but, most of the time, I'm under mac os x to do all the other computer stuff : internet, mail, ical, iphoto, imovie; itunes etc.... The sync with my iphone is really natural, and honestly, the osx86 is a really impressive product, and I can assure you that my nehalem and my 6Go of ram rock hell under mac os x. But, keep one thing in mind, it is not really easy to get a fully functionnal PC configuration under mac os x. But once it's done, you don't need to changes things or each update available, and you will keep a good working configuration. EDT : *just 3.0Ghz because it's largely enough to run full details all my games, no need today for more power. My Cpu is cooler at 3.0Ghz with the noctua than at 2.67Ghz with stock radiator.
  6. In fact, it's because backup doesn't exist.... mkdir /backup mkdir /backup/Seatbelt or maybe the same command as linux : mkdir -p /backup/Seatbelt but never tried under mac os x.
  7. Works great with my audigy 2 ZS, thank you !
  8. a few technical questions...

    no one for a technical guide or reference about mac os x ? I searched the forum, but I didn't find a lot of thing. It's a gold mine for a specific problem, but no general technical reference guide.
  9. Can someone please explain to me how the seatbelt is choosen by the system ? when I look into the /Systems/Library/Extensions, I had no seatbelt.kext, just seatbelt970.kext and seatbelt950.kelt. However, when I got the dmg kernel panic, I always get in the stack a reference to the seatbelt950 ( same debug trace that this picture ). I tried to copy seatbelt970.kext as seatbelt.kext, but still the same message. I did a touch on the Extensions folder, repair permissions, add chown and chmod rights, reboot with -f but still the same seatbelt that leads me to this kernel panic. I don't understand how it works, and I'm use to understanding how systems works. Thx guys meteo EDT : I'm running a 9.7 kernel. And please don't tell me use 9.6 and corresponding seatbelt, I'd like to understand how it works. Thx
  10. I have the exact same problem. As someone told you before me, it's because your seatbelt doesn't match your kernel. You have a kernel 9.6 where your seatbelt is for 9.5. However, I don't know how the seatbelt.kext is choosen because I have several of them on my system and it is always the same 199.99 that is choosen. I asked for advise on this, or a technical guide, but nobody actually answer to my questions ( how does it work ? ) Anyway, the solution is : get seatbelt for 9.6 and install it, there is a procedure in the forum. And good luck meteo ps : some dmg are impossible to mount.... -> The ones you downloaded from your mac os x install ( wether safari or FF ).
  11. Hi folks, Now, I have a good working mac os X running on my X58 MSI + Core i7 + 4870GS. However, I have still a problem with the famous seatbelt. And I'm not really sure what is the version of my kernel. Can you help me with this please ? - My system loads a kernel named Darwin 9.7 "based on Voodoo". Is it a real "voodoo" kernel, or something else ? Most of time, the dumps of "uname -a" I see on the internet say "Voodoo", not "based on voodoo". - Does a good technical documentation exist about the boot process and the technical part of mac os x ? In fact, something that would correspond to a detailed guide of runlevels, init etc...for linux. - I'd like to get a good documentation, because I don't understand how my kernel chooses its seatbelt. I looked in /System/Library/Extensions, and I have no seatbealt.kext, but seatbelt970.kelt and seatbelt950.kext. When I boot my system, the kernel is a 9.7 and due to my kernel panics, I would say that it loads the seatbelt950.kext*. I copied the seatlbelt970.kext as seatbelt.kext, but no change at all. Thant you very much meteo * the version.plist of the seatbelt950 says 199.xx and when I get the kernel panic, it says seatbelt(199.xx where as my seatbelt970's version.plist says 107.12
  12. Iceman, I checked also the version.plist of the seatbelt950.kext....It is 199.xx... So it seems that our system loads a kernel 9.7, but the seatbelt loaded is the seatbelt 9.5. This why we get this kernel panic, it's pretty normal. the point is, how the kernel choose the seatbelt ? I did a test with pacifist and the iatkos cd, I choosed the seatbelt.kext and clicked on install...But so far, still kernel panics. I don't understanrd how it works, under linux I would have probably solved this, but in mac os x, I don't know how it choose the seatbelt according to the kernel. I think I have to acquire more knowlegde of os X to solve this.
  13. I got the same problem. I tried to install via pacifist the seatbelt from the iatkos DVD but Stills same problem. The kernel panic tells me that i am running Seatbelt 199.x but i don t understand why. What is the version of seatbelt dumped during your kernel oops ? When i do a cat /system/library/extension/seatbelt.kext/contents/version.plist i can read 107.12 so it seems to match the kernel 9.7 darwin voodoo based ? I really hope to cope with this issue.
  14. 48x0 latest status

    Hi folks, I can't successfully load the natit kext from netkas. In fact, I download it from the netkas' website, the installation went fine, and when I boot, the screen went to black screen, no signal. I have to reboot in singlemode, remove the Natit file, and then, reboot in VESA mode. ( Core : Software - max 160x1200). My configuration is : - i920@20x150 - 3*2Gb Corsair - Mobo MSI X58 Pro - Carte Graphique : Gainward Golden Sample 4870 1Go - Screen : ACER 24" 1920x1200 the golden sample runs a bit higher in terms of frequency I believe. Please can somebody help me ? I moved all my old files to OLD_ATI directory and tried also a new netkas's natit install. Failed again. Should I try barrybar ? I don't know what it is, but I saw this name quite often when it comes to ati kext. Thank you very much meteo EDT : I finally got my video card working great. In fact, the video output was via HDMI, that's why DVI output went to sleep mode. Hell that is great.