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  1. Sapphire 7750 LP triple display

    Could you be more specific? I am assuming you are talking about this: https://github.com/CdLbB/fb-rotate But how can I solve the freeze issue with this? It seems to be a tool to rotate the screen.
  2. Sapphire 7750 LP triple display

    Hi, I have the Sapphire 7750 Low Profile card, with Mavericks, I could use 3 displays "OOB", however I must start by plugging in only 2 displays, then put the computer into sleep, plug in the third display, then wake it up. If i directly starts with 3 monitors all connected, then the DVI monitor will not work and the computer freezes at the login window. Does anybody have any success getting triple display working without problems? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I recently replaced the noisy GTS450 with a Sapphire 7750. Everything works out of box in Mavericks including dual display. Now I found out that my machine won't wake up from sleep. I would get an error of: kernel[0]: AMDFramebufferSI::setPowerState(0xa8ae1b5eb4a90515, 0 -> 2) timed out after 45269 ms I am not sure if anyone else has the same problem? I am using MacPro 5,1 as the system and my AGPM shows loaded but unknown card. Anyone has the same problem? Any advices?
  4. Mavericks won't reboot or shutdown completely

    After I post it, I realize that there is a love-hate relationship between the two. lol. I was not even aware of the history.
  5. Hi, I recently upgrade my ML to Mavericks. Before the upgrade everything worked like a charm on my machine. I have dsdt edited for my H55 mainborad and sleep and reboot works just fine. After the upgrade I find my machine unable to restart and shutdown completely. The machine will shut down the monitor and soundcard (my speakers make a sound when it shut off), and all the fans seem to be off, but the system is still on. I have to manually press the button to restart or shut down. ********************************* The problem is solved. It was RT2870, my USB wireless driver that is causing the problem! Find the solution here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/167-mavericks-ralink-usb-rt2870rt2770rt3x7xrt537x/
  6. 10.8 installer. Starting Darwin x86_64.

    I have exactly the same issue as you do. Spend a whole day without any success. Basically my desktop is the first gen i3-530, with gts450. It seems like there are a lot of people having the same trouble and they all seems to have NV fermi card. I installed Lion with no problem at all. And I can use the USB disk to install ML on my X220 as well. It's so strange that the ML reboot on my desktop without even showing an error message. I suspect it is the issue of the NV driver which fails at switch resolutions for some fermi card. I heard that the driver in 10.8.1 is working (but not 10.8 and 10.8.2). Is your beta 1 upgrade to 10.8.1 method working?
  7. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Is there a way that GTS 450 is going to be supported? I am looking at a low profile card which gts450 seems to be the only choice (the 400 series).
  8. I tried to patch the new kernel using this script, However when I do a diff with the output and the original kernel, I found no change at all! Did you use a netbook installer? If you are using that, then it is not the kernel patch that makes the kernel bootable.
  9. Bluetooth Problem in 10.6.3

    Thanks for the advice, the problem is even when there is no real paired devices, I can see tons of unused devices. It is not the problem of my mouse.
  10. Bluetooth Problem in 10.6.3

    I tried to remove some of them, but there are just too many and also it keeps growing back. I did clear all the bluetooth.plist, it doesn't remove any of these.
  11. Bluetooth Problem in 10.6.3

    I think my problem is not BT stops working. Instead, it is extremely slow (probably because those unused devices in the list). I looked at my mac book, there are no such unused devices. Do you have those unused devices in the preferences?
  12. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on eeepc 901

    For those who updated to 10.6.3 and claim everything works perfect, do you have any bluetooth problems? My BT panel load extremely slow and there are tons of unconnected devices. I uploaded a screenshot here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=220260 If you don't have any problem with your BT, do you mind share your dsdt with me? Thanks!
  13. Hi, Guys, After update to 10.6.3, the bluetooth in my EEE901 is not working properly. There are tons of unconnected devices in the bluetooth preferences. The bluetooth tab in the system preference load extremely slow. Does anyone have the same problem? My bluetooth device is BT 253 from Broadcom. I uploaded a screenshot. I would really appreciate if anyone can tell me how to deal with this problem. Is there any function I can disable so that this won't happen? Thanks
  14. SL 10.6.2 on eeePC

    I have no problem with bluetooth on the 10.6.1 kernel, however bluetooth won't appear if I use the 10.6.2 kernel. I am using a 901 as well. What dsdt file are you guys using? Can you share it? Thanks!!
  15. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    That's why I would like to know how the modification is done so that I could try it on the 10.6.2 kext directly. Thanks.