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    Which kernel is recommended for use?

    Using your kernel the clock gains about 3 minutes a day so I have no choice but to conclude that there is a clock issue even though it is minute. Stating that it will be released when you think it's done doesn't really give a projected or ETA on a release date and sounds more like your just blowing smoke, perhaps a comment like "before the end of the year" or "on or before Feb 2007" would be more informative and give others something to look forward too but then again you've never really been big on giving any definitive statements so maybe it's best that you continue your facade of non-commital.
  2. packagefixer

    Which kernel is recommended for use?

    Well, I've been testing the semthex kernel I got wed night, it seems to have amny issues reloved but there is still a clock issue and after several hours of use the system slows down forcing me to reboot, I've reverted to the vitaliy/mifki kernel and the problem has vanished. There were some other issues (even in the vitaliy/mifki kernel that buildsmart wanted to see about fixing however becasue vitaliy (or daemones) has a dial up connection he is unable to obtain the vitaliy/mifki source in an attemp to address them so we're stuck with what's currently available until such times that the kernel sources are available so I'd still have to conclude that the vitaliy/mifki is the kernel of choice. semthex, is your source going to be available soon?
  3. packagefixer

    Which kernel is recommended for use?

    xBench scores are inconclusive because an improperly set fsb or a bad clock slew rate can seriously affect the resulting calculations. I'm told there is another semthex kernel (I have not tested it as of yet) that has the clock slew rate corrected and autodetects the fsb so I would think that this kernel would yield more accurate results but benchmark results and feel are two completely different animals, if the feel is more responsive then the benchmark may not be valid if it doesn't reflect this. I'm hoping later today I'll be able to test the newer kernel and report it's results but for now I'm finding the vitaliy to be best for my configuration.
  4. packagefixer

    Which kernel is recommended for use?

    Point made, thank you, I apologize.
  5. packagefixer

    Which kernel is recommended for use?

    While this might come off as a bright suggestion on your part it's not possible because semthex has not released his source to the general public or even to those here so no one can use his source to generate a customized kernel if they wanted to which by the way I'd love to try just for the sake of trying so when the source does actually become available maybe semthex and DaemonES would be kind enough to post their sources. Bashing other kernels for personal issues, I think you are mistaken and are listening to too much gossip, that suggested issue will never be resolved because there is no place where both parties can stand on even ground and hash it out, there is too much bias and preferentual treatment here and on the irc, the channel owner has displayed he can dish it out but can't take it. My opinion is that most programmers are childish to begin with and they both need to apologize to each other but fat chance of either of them being man enouigh to do it buy hey, I could be wrong and lightning could strke me twice. Any way, this discussion is supposed to be about current kernels (available for testing) and recommendations based on their functionality, let's please keep it on that topic and leave the petty {censored} at the door.
  6. packagefixer

    one more kernel based on my sources

    I just cloned my friends iMac 10.4.8 partition (Macintosh HD) onto my SATA drive, popped in the mifki kernel and the system works great, I only had to edit the info.plist for ethernet to work (audio has never worked for me) and I'm not having any problems so this kernel is sweet. Out of curiosity, is it possible for you to modify the kernel to obtain the "Machine Name" and "Machine Model" from the com.apple.Boot.plist file or default to Mac/ACPI if the options are not set?
  7. packagefixer

    one more kernel based on my sources

    I did the Apple Software Update from 10.4.6 and used this kernel without any issues. I'm running an intel D915GUX with gigabit ethernet and I've never had working audio so I can't comment on sound quality but everything else seems to be working flawlessly.
  8. packagefixer

    one more kernel based on my sources

    We are supposed to be, I just think it's sad that someones opinion I value is not permitted to offer his opinion like everyone else does around here, anyway back to the topic of kernels, great job, look forward to the next release.
  9. packagefixer

    Information Collection for Laptop LCD hack

    Well, after reading the post I decided to wipe the entire drive on one of my Sony's and now it requires the dongle to work. I've got some new help from BuildSmart, a good programmer, he should be joining in the next couple of days (he says). I tried to use Ghost to backup the partition but it fails with an unrecognized partition type 312h. He tried to mount the partition and was unable to find a way to mount it for examination so he took a different approach. He was able to use a disk editor to scan the partition for content and this is what he has been able to determine so far. 1) the new sony/dell lcd driver is a modified GMA900 driver which appears to be generated from source and not by editing/hex-editing the original GMA900 binary/plists files and it includes drivers to mount this unknown partition 2) the new GMA900 driver is 11.7mb in size which concludes that it wasn't manually edited unless someone spent some considerable time which is highly unlikely due to the structure and size of the code. 3) the unknown partition has a sector size of 512bytes (not including the sector header information which appears to be something non-standard) 4) the new GMA900 driver mounts the unknown partition, executes a binary which resides on it and unmounts it 5) the binary while loaded remaps the video driver temporarily during the boot process into believing the LCD is connected on the VGA port. 6) when the login window is executed it re-initializes the video driver using the default or assigned screen resolution which restores the original video driver and removes the program that was loaded from the unknown partition. 7) it was coded in this manner as an easy solution because it is simple in design but makes it impossible to duplicate without the source code or the application that was specifically designed to create and install this partition and it's binary. 8) the person who wrote this code is without a doubt an Apple employee who is paranoid about getting caught. 9) if enough information and source is obtainable, he believes he may be able to provide a solution in a single driver without external dependancies Upon further conversations with the person who programmed this, it seems that besides myself and a handfull of people who have it installed (but do not have the DVD), only one person has a copy of the DVD and he is also an Apple employee who doesn't want to be associated with this movement. BuildSmart believe's he can obtain the source for the 10.4.7 mach_kernel and if he could find out what changes are made to get the 10.4.4 kernel working for Intel and AMD processors he can modify the kernel source to work with both thus generating a single kernel that would work for everyone. He also believes that if people like JaS, Myzar and SemaJaZa would get together with him, they could as a group provide a much cleaner installation process which has significantly less installation issues. We also discussed the multiple 10.4.7 updates and he says that only a handful of files in the JaS and MyZar 10.4.7 updates are actually modified or swappedso he believes that these can be combined in a single package leaving a single checkbox for the CPU type making installation easier for the end user to obtain a working solution while reduing the size of installed files. He states the concept of the replace.sh script to do the update while works, is a poor implementation and is not a process that should be left to the end user. After seeing some samples of BuildSmart's work, I am convinced he can be very beneficial to this project but as he states, it will only be really successful if collaboration occurs. Basically as I see it, it's up to the people I've listed (and Maxxuss if he's around and reading) to take this project to the next level otherwise there are going to be too many variation of the installer DVD floating around that don't work for everyone, are not as easy to obtain and have too many unresolved installation issues. I have already started remapping the installer DVD to be more efficient and versatile and have added some additional installation applications and his opinion is that I am moving in the right direction. I have asked people for their modified drivers so I can add them to the installer DVD but have not recieved any responses which leads me to believe that those doing the installation are only interested in getting it running on their machine and not interested in helping the cause. This leads me to my final conclusion, if some kind of collaboration and assistance doesn't start to happen soon, then I'm going to be forced into giving up helping the cause and only worry about supporting my own machines and work with BuildSmart to resolve my Sony/Dell LCD issues and the sad part will be that this stuff wont get shared with anyone.
  10. packagefixer

    F12 key is not working

    hitting F12 quickly should bring up the dashboard, holding F12 for 2sec's should open/close close the DVD.
  11. packagefixer

    10.4.7 Update

    I can't say why people are having problems cause I still can't find the update. I also can't believe that no one has seeded this thing via torrent so that the rest of us poor soles can actually obtain a copy cause rapidshare doesn't work for some of us. A new 10.4.7 Install DVD with some added install options is about ready to seed however my only delay is finishing the 10.4.7 update combo because I can't find the new files.
  12. packagefixer

    Darwin 8.6 source. Isnt it possible?

    Tell me what source package you require.
  13. packagefixer

    Enabling SSE3

    So does this mean that even though SSE3 isn't listed it's active and available natively?
  14. packagefixer

    Enabling SSE3

    Yes, unchecked SSE2, made no difference. Fortunately installing the SSE3 renames the mach_kernel to mach_kernel.old so moving it back get's me upand running again.
  15. packagefixer

    Unable to find driver for this platform: ACPI

    try pressing f8 when prompted, then enter "platform=x86pc" or "platform=ACPI" and see if that works.