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  1. 10.5.4 installed on HP D530 SFF

    My previous install (with Boardcom Ethernet) goes like this- at the end of the install it stated install failed but once reboot it was good. Second install went without a glitch with 5751 as Ethernet and the end screen says perfect install. Once I reboot for the first time, panic screen show up with errors on the Ethernet. Again, once rebooted, the machine works like a charm. Some tweak here and there with the network setting got the machine work as it should. Thanks for the great thread, very informational indeed. Rob
  2. 10.5.4 installed on HP D530 SFF

    Hello again, Never mind the option button during install. Here's my build and it works great, only thing missing is my Ethernet card in which I'll sort out later. iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6 Voodoo Kernel ICHx Chipset AC97 Sound Card Boardcom - not working (AppleBCM5751Ethernet may work, will update) Seatbelt Fix Cheers Rob
  3. 10.5.4 installed on HP D530 SFF

    Hello all, I understand this is an old thread. Posters or readers who are still following this, kindly chime in. I'm in the process of installing either Jas or Ideneb, in which I have both. My problem is, I can't seemed to click on the option button during install. I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Any help is much appreciated. Regards, Rob