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  1. Hi, Micky1979 can you post the codec dump of the IDT 92HD91BXX ? I try to make IDT 92HD99BXX work but failed, so i need your codec dump to compare with mine. Thanks.
  2. Hi, gsly. Im trying to fix the UTF-8 string error but my DSDT have no ITOS() / GBFE / PBFE. I search for similar method but not found. My laptop is HP Folio 13 Is there other way to fix this? thanks.
  3. tvcat

    AppleHDA patching in Mountain Lion

    Ok guy, i had been trying to make my audio work on HP folio 13 (IDT 92HD99BXX 111d76e5) but failed. i want to ask, how do i know that i patch the correct target codec id? Will there anything show up in the system information or ioreg?