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  1. Hi All! I've just about got a succesful working install on my Optiplex 745 with Yosemite 10.10.3. Only issue I'm having is that I need IOATAFamily.kext to avoid "Still waiting for root device", Which is fine and I have it installed in S/L/E (No /Extra/Extensions folder). I am finding that unless I say UseKernelCache=No I can't boot and I get "still waiting for root device". I've tried rebuilding cache and fixing permissions with Kext Wizard but that has not made any difference. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Dell Optiplex GX520

    So the DSDT.aml wont work even if i have a tiny little bit different hardware. That's fine. I'll use the framebuffer until i figure out how create a DSDT. Next thing is how can i force a resolution of 1336 x 768? My monitor is 1024x768 but i want to be able to get anamorphic output into it.
  3. Dell Optiplex GX520

    So i put the DSDT.aml to make the graphics work and now i boot up to a grey screen. Any ideas? GX520 SFF with Pentium D.
  4. Hello. I am having issues with my hackintosh. Every few hours the system will just lock up. boom. However, i think it is a graphics related issues because any music or skype calls going on int he background will continue, even though the interface has locked up. I am using a AMD Radeon 6870. I checked my console and this is what i have: However, sometimes it will crash and not leave anything in the console, sometimes it crashes and then it will come back to life for 5 seconds, crash again, and come back for another few seconds. Pretty sure this is not a hardware thing as i just finished playing through Portal 2. System: Gigabyte P67A-UD3P-B3 Intel i7 2600k Powercolor AMD Radeon 6870 8 GB ram
  5. hello, i have installed os x just fine on my advent laptop, but i only installed it to a 20gb partition, is there a way that i can expand it?
  6. G31M-ES2l

    also another question. Which is best for a Hackintosh G31M-ES2l or G41M-ES2?
  7. G31M-ES2l

    Will the gigabyte G31M-ES2l pci card slots works in Mac OS X? If so does this firewire card work. Firwire Card thanks