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  1. Yes this is correct, but usually is needed the source that Apple publish after an official release, and do not for the dev release, so there will be no source from Apple that can be patched until Lion official release i guess.
  2. None of the OsX versions works with the vanilla kernel, so until it will be relesased and the source made pubblic I see it hard to find Ptched kernel that boots on amd systems. Abuot the CrApp Store... don't use it at all on your Mac either. Even if it is really collecting info about all our stuff just for finding out what we need to upgrade. First your CrApps will work only on the Mac that downloaded them, no more usb with a lot of useful portable apps on it to use on other Macs. Even the free ones. Actually it's a monopoly that put a lot of question about how it works and cost to users and developers (not only in terms of money), for now it has duplicated the work of all the already on the market developers offering apps that are using not permitted frameworks (they now have almost all a lite version on CAS), there is no way for upgrade an app without redownloading it all (that's not nice for an app that need to stay uptodate with web services that can change quickly and have a lot of small updates to keep the compatibility). Also the revision process on the updates will slow down the time to have a system safe and working after a security issue is discovered and fixed. List goes on but I'm going OT...
  3. scrax

    Mr. Mojo Risin' 17's Hack Pro

    Daje Mojo, segui a zi' che vogliamo vederlo a 4,2GHz fermarti sotto i 4 con la configurazione che hai è un delitto, non c'è nel regollamento? col noctua mica scalderà tanto più di adesso...
  4. scrax

    UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    So this is because it's the only one with added the PNLF Device, but it's useless because it is just cosmetic, until someone maybe ivik can find out how to use it with the EC controller (that I understood Apple won't use) or the one we use... That's probably because I've left off a patch. I'll take a look and post a 0.5 as soon as I can, but I'm in the middle of an HD transfer so please be patient
  5. No, removing CrApp Store on 10.6.7 cause a lot of trouble because it's deep in the system. The only way to avoid it to scan ALL your HD to find out present and past app you installed for sure is to stick with 10.6.5 For now I've see no evidence that if it is left unstarted it scans something. So If you want to upgrade use iFabio's trick to avoid it to start.
  6. this is a patch that need to be done to an Apple kext, and is not a plist mod that can be achieved with a dummy kext, so yes it needs always to be in S/L/E/ because it need to overwrite the original one and because it has some dependencies that /extra can't solve. BUT in future you can just use the terminal code to patch the "already in SLE" original one.
  7. scrax

    UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    I've already downloaded it and I saw few patch so we can go on removing one at time to find out were could be the problem. But i need some confirmation to what I have understood: without any DSDT (using the one of your sistem) you have brightness working with slider and no rotation in preferences panel AND with the key (with the bezel). with the DSDT patched by MadL0n you have NO brightness working slider visible and no rotation in preference panel ADN NO key workin (no bezel). with the dsdt0.2 you have same as MadL0n ones but without slider in pref panel ? What other problem you had without DSDT patch? Try this three dsdt and note the differences. dsdt 0.1 is the original without patches only fixed some code, 0.3 has minimal patching. On 0.4 I have all the patches MadL0n did minus some that I didn't understand why they where done. If 0.4 works you are ok so test it first! Archivio.zip
  8. scrax

    UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    hi again, I didn't follow this topic recently so I see your answer only now. When you start without a patched DSDT in /Extra you are using a default DSDT stored in your BIOS. The one MadL0n has made is not correct , or better it's overpatched because, probably just one, of the patchs he applied broke your working brightness. So instead of looking for a workaround to a problem you added to your DSDT i'll try to fix the problem. That could be done redoing the DSDT one patch at time to find out what is the one that kill your brightness. EDIT: After lookin at the file you posted on the other thread I've removed some patch from the dsdt, try it now (rename it to dsdt.aml): dsdt0.2.aml.zip
  9. scrax

    [risolto] TRIM enabler

    Mi chiedevo came ho fatto a non vedere questa post quand'ho aperto questo, poi l'ora mi ha spiegato tutto... Per la precisione l'unico kext che finora supporta TRIM per SSD APPLE è quello contenuto in IOAHCIFamily.kext 2.0.5 rilasciato coi nuovi MBP. TRIMEnabler installa appunto questo kext ma patchato per funzionare con ogni SSD. Per ottenere ciò è stato modificato con una stringa di zeri al posto di "APPLE SSD" nel binario,la differenza con la prima beta di cui parla lo sviluppatore è che questa andava a inserire il nome del nostro SSD nel binario invece che gli zeri, dato che non si sapeva ancora che con gli zeri funzionasse con qualsiasi SSD... Pertanto c'e una vera necessità di cambiare il binario del kext togliendo la stringa APPLE SSD (cosa che trim Enabler attualmente non fa) Inoltre il kext non è ancora disponibile via software update quindi TrimEnabler attualmente non fa altro che installare IOAHCIFamily.kext gia patchato per qualunque SSD. Per chiunque in grado di installare un kext diventa quinti abbastanza inutile al momento. Se pai consideriamo che in futuro (probabilmente dalla 10.6.8) basterà usare questo comando da terminale: sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x41\x50\x50\x4C\x45\x20\x53\x53\x44|\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00|g' /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext/Contents/MacOS/IOAHCIBlockStorage Ad ogni modo detta dello sviluppatore TRIMEnabler verrà aggiornato con funzioni di aggiornamento e di ripristino prossimamente. Pertanto sarà comodo averla sottomano.
  10. scrax

    iPad 2: presto una flat dati dedicata da Tre Italia

    25GB al mese (purtroppo) son meno del minimo di 30GB che ritengo necessari per iniziare a considerare un offerta internet SENZA FILTRI SKYPE P2P ecc (visti alcuni annunci non carini a riguardo sul sito TIM) o gni tanto la cosa mi rattrista ma poi penso che c'e pure chi ha ancora abbonamenti a ore per l'adsl...
  11. The kext posted is like a driver with support for TRIM so it will not work only if there is something else that break it. I think that on 10.6.5 it could work. If I can I'll try it on 10.6.4 but before I have a lot of other works to do. P.S.: I belive that Magnifico sad that because of the subtitle of this topic, for what I know he doesn't have a 10.6.5 build to test it.
  12. Hi I like a lot your app can you/ will you provide source, pleaseee?
  13. Have you tried on 10.6.5 so? what didn't work?
  14. The one you replaced is INSIDE the one I've posted. I posted all the bundle because it is more easy to install.