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  1. KeNgoaiDao

    Farewell Revogirl.

    Rest in peace, Revo!
  2. KeNgoaiDao

    ML DP3 Problems: HDA, Nvdia

    Same with GTX 560Ti.
  3. KeNgoaiDao

    DP3 up and running!

    ... And Graphics (GTX 560Ti) lag on ML DP3
  4. KeNgoaiDao

    DP3 up and running!

    Trying [Enter, ][Enter], [Enter]... when you see spinning beach ball. Setup Windows will appear! I don't know why!
  5. Open Utilities/Disk Utilities, click Tab RAID (select Disk Slice), click Info icons on the top of windows.
  6. KeNgoaiDao

    Still Waiting for root device

    Still no hope...
  7. Just happened when i boot with more than 2 HDDs. I can't understand.
  8. Trying running DD's script on Mountain Lion OSX... Sorry! This script was running on Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion OS! @DD: I need, and we need running RAID on Mountain Lion. Where are you guy??? We're miss you!
  9. KeNgoaiDao

    Good news afoot in 10.8 Mountain Lion for Fermi cards

    Can any guys confirm Nvidia GTX 560Ti works OOB in 10.8?
  10. KeNgoaiDao


    Phewwww, thanks anyways!
  11. Long time no see DD, where are you??? We are miss you...
  12. KeNgoaiDao

    Dual GTX 285 SLi possible

    Ofcourse, not SLI
  13. Sorry man, Using to boot soft RAID 0 system.