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  1. Please Guys I need help..........
  2. Hi Guys, I have problem with installing iAtkos v7 on my pc... My Spec: Asus P6T i7 2.67 6GB Ram My problem is that, i can't install the Mac. every time i tried to enter the boot screen(The one that have mac logo), the computer keep restarting repeatedly... i can't do nothing at all... I tried to use IPC 10.5.6 , and it gives me the same result ... please Guys, help me out........
  3. Guys I have the same problem as brendankoch was had... I have windows 7 on a partition and I create another partition for the mac(Using Gparted with htfs+ format)... Then I tried to install the OSX86 on that partition and everything goes smoothly and I finished from the installation and the Mac started up fine. when I restart it and I tried to boot windows 7(using chameleon bootloader) it gave me error "bootmgr is missing"... After along searching over the internet I know that i need to fix windows 7 loader, but I need first to set it as active... The problem is how to set it as active using the Gparted ?? Is it only to put the flag to "boot" beside the system reserved partition(100 Mb ) ?? If it is, I did it and when I run the windows7 dvd it didn't recognize the hard drive of the windows 7, althought it's already installed and the problem only from the boot loader... And, now I can't even start the Mac. It seems also the mac bootloader is broken now... How to fix that ??? Note: By the way, I got that problem before and i couldn't see the windows7 hardrive(not recognized in the dvd), and I fixed it by formating the mac on that reside on the partition(Only have one boot, But I need dual boot(win7 & mac). So, it seems that the windows see that there is a unfamiliar os on the HD and won't boot now... How to fix it ?? I need ur helps Guys... Thanks