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  1. [SOLD] Clamshell iBook Case for iPad 2 & 3/4

    This will can be found on eBay until the 17th of November: http://www.ebay.de/itm/261321201026?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  2. Hi Everyone! I was planning on putting this on eBay, but I thought it would have better chances here.. I guess, this is a Case Mod.. I got the idea several months ago when a Japanese Dude did something similar (Just google iPad in iBook). So I got myself a derelict Clamshell iBook and started working. The concept was a desktop station for an iPad. 1. Completly gutted 2. Enlarged the former Keyboard spacing for a new Bluetooth Keyboard (QWERTY) model with Apple keys. Unfortunately not a Apple keyboard, but to be quite frank, the aluminum wouldn't have matched aesthetically anyway. Gotta keep it period correct, right? 3. As typical for busted old Clamshells, it was missing the Apple Logo, so I made a new one using soldering iron and I didn't mind the silvery look there, since we are hinting, that something is different about this.. The Logo is not perfect fit! But if you don't get really close with a magnifiying glass.. Who notices? Now the faults.. as said, the iBook was in bad shape.. I did a lot of cleaning, sanding, polishing to get it to where it is now. It is not perfect! I could have gotten a nice Clamshell to start with, but why would I destroy a beautiful working Clamshell iBook? There are some knicks and minor cracks here and there. While dissasembling I had a pretty hefty fight with a very biiiit..y screw, and unfortunately it broke a hole, but its kind of hidden. You'll see it at the right hinge in the pics. But, all in all its a sturdy iBook. You can still carry it at the grip without fear of it crashing or anything like that. Its a 13 year old portable computer housing.. ofcourse time shows. But I was able to smooth a lot of it, getting it "back" to minor scratches. Its a Indigo Blue Clamshell, but the rubber on the top has some patina from sunlight. My camera made it blue again, but its actually.. mhm.. I'd call it Amazonas Green & Blue. It definately has a very vintage look to it. Just like the Japanese Modder, I couldn't get this to close with an inserted iPad. Inserting and removing the iPad is fairly simple for several hours of typing work. Without an iPad it closes well. With an iPad, the Screen will not hit the keyboard, unless you force the lid down. The keyboard doesn't wobble or fibble. It falls into place and stays put by some wood blocks I glued into the interior space. Why is there blue string right and left of the keyboard? So that it doesn't come lose, if you should be carrying it or just turn it upside down for no reason.. And it looks great. The bottom end is lose on both strings and held by the battery in place.. So it is readjustable. It was a fun project, but I don't need an iPad in my daily life. My N310 Sammy hackintosh is what I use on the go. I really just did do this for the fun of it. This is ready to use. If someone where to add a little more TLC.. Maybe 1-3 hours, they could make it perfect for their own purpose. I wouldn't expect sitting in Cafés with this though. Completely gutted, there is some stability lacking. But, if it were to be moved within an appartement or house from one room to another... It would/could be great... and very unique.. I'm probably going to add/glue in all the fromer ports from the motherboard and close those holes and create the illusion of a real clamshell from afar. The CD Drive has to stay open though. there simply is no room.. And having a window into the Keyboard "mounts" is useful. I probably missed some important info, but just hit me with questions.. Something like this doesn't come around too often. Price? I have no idea... Material costs was around 70€ though, which comes up to almost 100 US $.. Its Made in Germany So.. that amount would be a good start I suppose.. but that might be too much already..., whereby other keyboard cases from brands start there.. I don't know.. make an offer^^ I'll ship it anywhere.. if someone is whacko.. or smart enough to buy this Almost all Interior parts & screws from the Clamshell are still in my possesion and can be sold (well.. given as a freebe) along for those interested.. also the broken plactic piece.. So.. Contents: -NO, no iPad included! -The housing (with the old battery.. you need the weight to keep it from flipping) -The keyboard -The iPad Cover keeping th ipad in the screen bezel and if wished the gutted parts, that are still here... Defect or intact? Who knows.. the iBook wouldn't boot The pictures here are just a couple for previewing. Due to the limit all pics made are at the link: http://imageshack.us/g/407/mij9.jpg/
  3. Installation mit meinem Laptop.. brauche Hilfe

    für die vorgeschlagene Retailinstallation brauchst du die original leopard dateien der disc....Entweder hast du eine originale DVD (vllt von nem Freund?) oder du lädst dir eine runter...leider wäre das illegal..aber mach was du willst...OSX 86 ist sowieso net so ganz sauber...Ich bin net verantwortlich... Tipps?...Nerven behalten...Viel Glück...
  4. My Internet isn't Working?

    have you checked compatibility? Might not even work ins OS X 86
  5. I Have a problem With Booting OSx86!

    Did you check your BIOS settings?
  6. Not booting completely after install!

    Did you Customise during installation? If you did I'd check your bios settings..Those are the most probable reasons...
  7. Have you tried to configure the new Bootloader from the Linux? Maybe letting it update the available HDs will solve the problem...I don't think Linux would recognise it as OS X, but maybe as "Unknown OS" if that doesn't work and the forum won't help you in the long run I'd suggest removing the Linux with the bootloader...I take it to be a fresh install, so no damage....
  8. Installation mit meinem Laptop.. brauche Hilfe

    Probieren geht über studieren^^
  9. Installation mit meinem Laptop.. brauche Hilfe

    dann boote doch mal im -v mode, damit dir der fehler/hänger angezeigt wird....Danach einfach googlen...
  10. Installation mit meinem Laptop.. brauche Hilfe

    Das Problem ist Deutsch. Die allermeisten Mitglieder hier sind englischsprachig! Es gibt auch einen deutschenm Thread.... So wie ich das sehe müsste es auf deinem System laufen...Die Graka könnte evtl. mukken.... Ich benutze IDeneb 1.4 und bin sehr zufrieden damit...Da musste dich einfach mal informieren... Es gibt verschiedene Wege OS X auf den PC zu bringen...Musste dich auch umschauen. Ich kann aber die bewährte Installations DVD empfehlen...Dafür brauchste "nur" normale DVDs, die du mit dem Image deiner Distro beschreibst. Viel Glück!
  11. My Audio isn't Working?

    You went alittle bit over the edge with your specs...I'm not an expert, but which driver/kext are you currently using? Have you tried the Apple Azalia?
  12. Does the circle under the apple eventually get stuck? I had a similar problem with my N310...I had selected the wrong drivers. Did you go to customise during installation? What kind of Bootloader is that?
  13. I worked with this tutorial: http://smallcomputing.net/2009/05/06/guide...g-n120-netbook/ I tried the updating to 10.5.7, but it didn't work and everything was screwed up. I think that sleep does work (screen shuts off and all the LEDs except for one, it flashes), but the wireless doesn't work. You'd have to get a new card. Also the ILife apps seem to demanding for the system. I guess because it's "only" an Atom. It asks you to shut off your computer. The Iwork suite and the onboard apps work just fine. I really do like the N310. It is a very nice chic little netbook. My friends say they'd like one because they like the design. Wel,l hope I could help you. resolution and graphical gimmicks work perfectly after replacing the intel driver (described in the tutorial)
  14. K...I got it working....works like a charme actually...thank you for nothing!