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  1. It seems that the methods I was asking about aren't worth the trouble. I'll stick to copying the Home folder and Applications like you suggest. I'm not changing away from this current Hackintosh anytime soon anyway Thanks for your help.
  2. By manual cleaning, do you mean the steps I mentioned? So are they enough? I would of course need new fixes for a new setup and Chameleon would likely be used then too. The purpose of the cleaning would be to get all the current hackintosh fixes away so that they wouldn't conflict with any of the new ones or with the new hardware. Do you think there could be problems using the same installation on different hardware even if these patches are cleaned up? Thanks for answering!
  3. This is an excellent guide and I have been a happy Hackintosh user for a long time. But I'd like to know two things for future reference: 1. If I get a real Mac, can I import all my files and settings from a Time Machine backup with Migration Assistant without problems or do I need to uninstall/remove anything this patch did? 2. If I decide to build a new Hackintosh with different setup (and no longer can use this guide/patch) and wish to use this current OS X installation in it, how can I uninstall this patch? (to avoid possible conflicts with new hardware and kexts that it requires). Reading the "Details" section of the guide, I assume I'd need to: - delete /Extra - delete /usr/local/bin/ifconfig - delete /Library/LaunchDaemons/launchd.plist Would that be enough to make the installation completely clean of Hackintosh stuff? Do I need to do something more to remove GraphicsEnabler, SpeedStep and Chameleon?
  4. Thanks for the great guide! Install was easy and everything worked after installing the Snow Pack. Auto-sleep seems to work too. GA-EP35-DS3 E7400 Palit 8800 GT 512 MB Sony Optiarc DVD RW AD-5240S
  5. Optical audio works on my OS X. There was no need for more tweaks or anything. If you want to control the volume from OS X when using optical audio (by default you can't, I guess you're supposed to adjust volume from your sound system) you should try Soundflower. It's not perfect but it's better than nothing. The sound usually goes distorted and then to just random noise after a while. You can fix it by switching the output off and then back to optical again. If you increase the buffer size it takes longer for the sound to mess up. I haven't taken time but I guess that with maximum buffer it takes about an hour of music until the sound messes up. Maybe they will fix this bug eventually. I have some questions too: 1. Should Intel speedstepping be working when OS X is installed with this method? How can I make sure it's working? If it's not, is it possible to make it work with this installation? 2. Sleep and waking work fine but auto-sleep doesn't work. The system doesn't go to sleep after 30 min of inactivity (or whatever time is set in the Energy Saver preferences) There were some other people in this thread saying the same thing some months ago. Are there any fixes now? P35-DS4, BIOS F13, 10.5.7 And thanks for the guide. This is my first Hackintosh and I got it working quite easily.