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  1. NeoPheus has offered to create an installer, your best bet would be to wait for the installer to be finished. Your card should run out of the box because it has the same device-id as a x1900xt, the only difference is the timing of GPU and memory. Here's the URL to NeoPheus site: http://www.installers.dl.am/
  2. I love your installers! Seems to me that I will have to find another spare-time project... MiR
  3. I will re-install my system tomorrow, after that we will know if the entries are necessary. No hurry with the source, better release source that is complete instead of a hurried version that is difficult to read. One thing to address in the future might be to create specialized patches for several Device-ID's. The entries we have right now may be sufficient for a X1900XT, but there may exist extra settings for a X1600 card that need to be applied if it is detected. Perhaps it's an idea to keep natit simple and straightforward and to create an installer that does some hardware detection magic and creates parts of the info.plist based on it's findings. Fortunately the Freepascal Compiler was ported to the mac, creating this hardware detection seems like a nice project for my spare time... MiR
  4. MiR

    I just got X1900XT working Dual Screen!

    Thanks for the tips, to be honest, I'm one of those guys that use vi for the fun of it.... MiR
  5. Those values are from ioreg output of a real mac pro. This is the posting: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32645 I've added more and more keys from the ioreg output until I got it working. As you seem to have a X1600-Card perhaps you will also find some tricks in the following post: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32554 Did this message ATY,Wormy not useable disappear in your log? This could perhaps mean that the driver for your card could not be loaded. I also get a mirrored screen when the 'real' driver does not load because the VESA-based driver seems to activate mirroring when it gets invoked. A wild guess from me: Perhaps your Device-ID is unknown to the ATY,Wormy driver and you will either have to add your device ID to the Info.plist of the driver or you will have to patch the driver's binary. MiR
  6. I removed the unnecessary keys (see the other posting), removed /System/Library/Extensions.* and rebooted... System starts without troubles, my graphics card is now 100% detected and I can see the real name in 'About this Mac'. Thank you very, very much! I will start playing arround with the GMA950 of my Mac Mini tomorrow. Keep up the great work (and please keep it Open-Source!!!) MiR
  7. MiR

    I just got X1900XT working Dual Screen!

    I will test in a moment, I just switched back to NT on this machine . You have included all my values, some of them might be unneccessary: <key>@0,display-connect-flags</key> <integer>400</integer> <key>@1,display-connect-flags</key> <integer>400</integer> <key>ATY,FrameBufferOffset</key> <integer>2147483648</integer> <key>ATY,IOSpaceOffset</key> <integer>4096</integer> <key>ATY,RegisterSpaceOffset</key> <integer>2427584512</integer> The Display Connect flags might also be wrong, they originally were 400 hex, that would mean 1024 dec The only bad thing with this new format is that it is not easy to read because it contains so much information.... MiR
  8. Nope. Natit always does the same on every invocation. Reducing the number of invocations does not hurt, it makes the logging output easier to read. Please remember, Natit is not a display driver, it only fill's the registry with missing entries that are needed for the real graphics driver to load. The 2nd display is handeled internaly in the original driver. I once added the second Device-ID of my graphics card to an extension, the result was a wonderfull crash MiR
  9. Perhaps you have more than one device that matches the ATI-Signature (1002) and because of this Natit gets called more often than necessary. On my System Nantit is called twice (Once for the Primary Device ID of the Graphics card, the second time it is called for the Secondary ID (this is forthe 2nd Display)) Please edit <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x00001002&0x0000ffff</string> to: <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0xXXXX1002</string> where XXXX is the Device ID found for the Graphics Card in 'About this Mac' In my case the Device-ID is 7249 ; my Entry is now: <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x72491002</string> Now you have to rm /System/Library/Extensions.* and reboot. Now Natit only matches once and will only be called once. MiR MiR
  10. I have an unpatched system, fresh from the JaS 10.4.8 DVD 2nd edition) In my point of view lot's of errors come from too much trying without later cleaning up.... (See my problems with AppleSMBios ) Please remove the following entries as they might be special to X1900XT: <key>ATY,FrameBufferOffset</key> <integer>0x80000000</integer> <key>ATY,IOSpaceOffset</key> <integer>0x00001000</integer> <key>ATY,RegisterSpaceOffset</key> <integer>0x90b20000</integer> <key>@0,display-connect-flags</key> <string>00000400</string> <key>@1,display-connect-flags</key> <string>00000400</string> MiR I just tried the latest version of AppleSMBios from Paulicat, this version also seems to work. I will re-install my system later to see if everithing works out of the box with a completely fresh system. MiR
  11. MiR

    I just got X1900XT working Dual Screen!

    Great! Perhaps you could Index the entries based on the pattern for IOPCIMatch or simply by VenorID + ModelName I think that Natit will be useable for a lot more than making displays work, after a little bit of generalization it could perhaps also repair audio cards or make dual screens possible on a Mac Mini (My next project ) MiR
  12. Hmmm.... I removed <key>ATY,FrameBufferOffset</key> <integer>0x80000000</integer> <key>ATY,IOSpaceOffset</key> <integer>0x00001000</integer> <key>ATY,RegisterSpaceOffset</key> <integer>0x90b20000</integer> <key>@0,display-connect-flags</key> <integer>00000400</integer> <key>@1,display-connect-flags</key> <integer>00000400</integer> and Dual Screen still works. Perhaps somebody could verify on a new machine if the entries are really not needed....
  13. MiR

    ATI ioreg dumps

    Thank you for your ioreg entries, without them it would not have been possible for my to get my X1900XT working.. MiR
  14. I'm not 100% sure if those three lines did the trick or if @1,display-connect-flags does the trick of activating the second screen. Unfortunately I found out at the end that the patched version of AppleSMBIOS blocked the detection of the second screen, so I'm not 100% sure which of the following entries are definitely needed or perhaps are unneccessary: <key>ATY,FrameBufferOffset</key> <integer>0x80000000</integer> <key>ATY,IOSpaceOffset</key> <integer>0x00001000</integer> <key>ATY,RegisterSpaceOffset</key> <integer>0x90b20000</integer> <key>@1,display-connect-flags</key> <integer>00000400</integer> I will play arround to find the minimal entries necessary. I've attaced my current info.plist Yes, this one should be O.K. MiR Info.plist.natit_xt1900xt.zip
  15. MiR

    I just got X1900XT working Dual Screen!

    I've coded more than half of my life, but always avoided C/C++... I think I can patch your code if you don't have the time right now, if you do it the changes will perhaps happen faster MiR