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  1. lupo92

    HD 4850 work with sleep

    I agree with Stickman, could someone please clarify on how to install this?
  2. lupo92

    [Guide]Asus EAH4850 ATI Radeon HD 4850

    It was just a plain old blue screen. Nothing would happen, but I could move my mouse around pointlessly. My screen only blanks out now, when i dont put the DVI>VGA dongle on the unused port. When i put it on I get the blue screen. BTW the blue screen is in the good resolution. Im at 10.5.6, should I try updating to 10.5.7? Last time I did I had to reinstall, so unless is necessary, I don't want to try again.
  3. lupo92

    Asus EAH4850 blank screen

    Wait, if we are getting a no signal after installing the ATI 4850 drivers, all we have to do is a put the DVI > VGA converter in the unused slot, and it will work? Edit - That didn't work for me. I only got the blue screen and the mouse.
  4. lupo92

    [Guide]Asus EAH4850 ATI Radeon HD 4850

    JW, what version of OSX are you using? I'n going to try this right now and hope this works. That other thread with the "Easy installation" has never worked, and Ive installed 2 different OSX versions hoping it would work. EDIT - I got the Blue screen, with start up sounds (which is weird because i never got it before), and the mouse. I did the -s boot, and for the first time i was able to boot again, so that a big plus for me. Unfortunately, the drivers didn't work so I'm stuck at the same old resolution. Thanks anyway
  5. lupo92

    Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    Hey, I am fairly new to the scene but I've gotten alot of experience with this stuff in the past few days (Ive installed and messed around with like 5 distros in the past week). Anyway, I was unable to get the driver working following the method suggested. So, I tried downloading the kext, and installing it with kext helper, which did the job of the using the terminal for me. That did not work either. (Keep in mind i tried this with Kalyway 10.5.2, Jas 10.4.8, and Leo4All v4.1 10.5.4) Basically, when I did not have internet , well i didn't have internet. When i did have internet it the computer constantly froze on me. HOWEVER, I just installed iPC 10.5.6 just to try it out. Guess what! It had the driver right there in the install dvd. So i selected it, and so far it has worked perfectly. I haven't had to do anything! No messing around with ethernets and rebooting. No freezing and I always have internet! So maybe some of you should try out that distro if your having trouble, just make sure to get the final edition, not the beta. PS - You don't even have to unplug your computer Thanks for making this driver! Setup - AMD Athlon 4200 3gb RAM ATI Radeon 4850 Mobo - GA M59SLI-S5 EDIT: I have attached the package! First thing to know, if you already have an nforcetethernet driver already installed this might not work but it all depends on your version of OSX. Second, after you installed the package, if it doesnt work right away go to network diagnostics and click ok to the message saying its detected the new ethernet ports. Give it a few minutes and you will have internet. Good luck! nForceEthernetDriver.zip