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  1. Indeed true. Also, after reading the entire PDF it appeared as if they hadn't prepared themselves for the downfall, expecting the courts to do all the work. When going after as powerful of a legal team as Apple's, you would expect the need to prepare to the fullest, very well knowing what you're getting yourselves into.
  2. How good is OS X on PC?

    Like PC's and windows, running OS X on standard PC hardware as a full OS install, and not as VMware virtualization, or any virtualization for that matter, will be as fast as the hardware you use for it (not to mention getting it to work). Thankfully, though, it doesn't require too much to have it running at full speeds so long as you follow instructions depending on what methods you choose to use to get everything in working order. Almost everything you need is available all around the net, but this site and their wiki are the most prominent sites where I've obtained what I needed when I first tried it a few weeks ago.
  3. 10.5.8 deep sleep problem?

    So I fixed my Deep Sleep, while still keeping AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement (in a matter of speaking) AND Disabler intact. I don't know if this would be a solid solution for all or if it was a risky move but so far my temps are still in the 30's range and Deep Sleep's working like a charm again. I rolled back to the 9.7.0 kernel as some may have mentioned, though I don't know if it's entirely necessary; I'm not in the mood of risking it with the other step I took:: I reinstalled the 10.5.7 AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext file, replacing the 10.5.8 file. I don't know if this fix would work with other CPUPM disablers, but it worked for me, and as far as I'm concerned, all is well once more.
  4. 10.5.8 deep sleep problem?

    So far, I've tried the disabler solution, the intelcpupmdisabler solution, the appleintelcpupowermanagement solution, and even the rollback kernel solution, and it still won't go into deep sleep. Any other ideas or solutions by chance? Any input would be great, and I don't wanna have to reinstall everything just to roll back to 10.5.7.