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  1. US la

    GeForce 200 series support

    I would LOVE to see a guide for the GTX 275. I need some simple step by step stuff. I have no clue what I am doing yet.
  2. Duuuuuuuuude!!! Nice F'ing guide! I can't wait to do this.
  3. US la

    Osx i7 920 asus p6t

    Dude... this is what I needed. It looks clear enough for me to follow being a first timer.Thanks!
  4. Thanks for posting the guide! I would love the BIOS setting as well. I think you would do the community a great favor by adding anything you can possibly think of adding since the P6T is a VERY popular board for overclocking yet there is nowhere near enough about installing x86 on one on the forum. Yet. And anything else you can do to make this guide more noob-ready would be appreciated as I am tying to build my first x86 on a P6T soon.
  5. I am planning a new i7 920 build and I want to make it my very first dual boot. I wouldn't mind getting a Gigabyte GA-EX58-Extreme since I am going to water cool. And from the little reading I've done it seems that Gigabyte has the least compatibility issues out of all. However, I am worried about getting a lower clock on the CPU than I would on the Asus. With a P6T I am guaranteed to hit 4.0Ghz and possibly up to 4.2Ghz. On the Gigabyte I can't find people saying they can got higher than 3.9Ghz. So, what are the known issues with the P6T in Mac OS? I am really only concerned with getting a solid and 100% functional Final Cut. Other software issues wouldn't be a major concern for me. But I do want stability when working on FCP. Thank you very much in advance!
  6. Wolfienuke, many thanks for your list of MoBos and for putting them in order and with a brief note on each! I am currently looking into the P6T but, since this will be my first x86... Would you say that the current difference in ease of instalation and stability/compatibility is enough to keep hardware and software savvy people away from the ASUS? I only ask because I like ASUS, I know their bios and the P6T is a solid performer. I have however built one system on a Gigabyte board before, and didn't encounter any major issues. Finally, is there any known issues with Final Cut? That is the only program I am interested in. Again, thanks for your post and to everyone that takes the time to explain things clearly for those that will need it.