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  1. [Ayuda] DV6-6090es 6770M DSDT

    hi I have a DV7 with the same graphics configuration as yours. Got the Radeon working but HD 3000, the Kexts just donot load. Chimera gives me loads of issue with boot. Would appreciate it if you can post your ioreg or email it to me. Thanks in advance
  2. My Mistake, Its not the debug Mode. Kext is working great. Still have to reboot a couple of times for it to work though.
  3. Hi Dong Thanks for the new kext. Works only if debug mode is set to Yes in info.plist and have to reboot twice. First boot system stalls before loading desktop on reboot get to desktop and able to change resolution. This is for snow kext 32bit. Kernal log attached. Will try and test for 10.5.8 and see if result is the same. Good work. RadeonHD18_10.txt
  4. Hi Dong Tried the two kexts for 10.6 32bit. No luck. 10.6 with BL system boots okay, loose backlight for 1 sec, backlight then comes on for a second and then permanatly off. System running okay but screen is blank. Kernal log attached 10.6 with no BL, system just freezes before launching Desktop. No effect on backligh. Kernal log has no entries for RadeonHD possibly indicating Kext loading causes system to fail. System does not crash as there is no crash report. Radeonhdwithbl.txt
  5. Thanks, will try them out and let you know tomorrow.
  6. Hi Dong Tried the new kext for 14/10/09. get Different Resolution options in system pref but when switching resolution, screen goes blank. Looks like i loose backlight as system is still running. Have attached kernal log. Maybe you can make the kext with backlight option. Also, with ATIRadeonX2000.kext installed, I noticed this: Oct 14 15:18:09 y-Mac kernel[0]: set_display_mode_and_vram failed. Maybe this is reason why I get a white screen. Any Ideas? Thanks Also, EVOenabler can be used with RadeonHD if you edit info.plist and remove all entries with @0, @1 and entries injecting the vanilla buffer i.e ATY,Megalodon etc. Have managed to inject my ATI bin image, this shows up in ioregistry under VGA. Maybe this is helpful radeonhd14_10.txt radeonhdx2000.rtf
  7. Dong You are the Man!!! Your kext worked, changed display resolution from standard Vesa 1024x768 to 1366x768 which is default res i get in vista. Although no option to switch resolution in display settings. Kext used for 10.6 32bit with atom bios no backlight. Then installed ATIRadeonX2000 kext just to see what would happen, and got blank white screen which is a change as usually got black and white squares. Looks like you are close to framebuffer kext. have attached kernal logs without and with ATIRadeonX2000. Let me know if you require any other info. radeonhd.txt radeonhdx2000.rtf