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  1. Great news . Actually i use a usb wifi stick and this is totally fonctional. Do you think my idea of making a tutorial is good ? I must create a new topic for that or here it's the right place ? Do you think correct dsdt warning is useful ? And what about optimizations ??? don't really find informations .
  2. Thanks again freeuser16. I asw my error for Audio but i'm not next to my computer . I missed to put layout id in my dsdt. I've just correct that . Will see these evening if it work. EDIT : my audio chip is ALC269. I will try to change edid like you expect. But strange thing that it don't work with plnf method and also don't work in device properties injection... Don't really know why. I will take care of kernel log to see what happen to my sleep. In fact when i put in sleep mode it automatically wake up like a hardware wake up my computer. Which wifi chip do you put in replacement ? any reference or link. Thanks a lot again again and agaiiiinnnn
  3. Hey guys I got it strange things I must remove plnf section like Trucker Mx said then enable duallink for resolution 1600*900 in device properties ( injected in config.plist clover ), need also fixedid who create an edid for my screen but I remove this bytes a51d1278 and paste this one 90261578 to get working without gradient ( color banding ). But now it's just cosmetic , in about this mac monitor tab i got this Affichage : Color LCD intégré and resolution 2560 x 1600.I think i can change that....i make some research. @freeuser16 another and probably one of the last ... I can't got sound working... Got sound assertion at boot time. I take your applehda and ioaudiofamily but nothing help. After that i will take a look at suspend mode that don't work and in the last time change my wifi card. And this was a full ML Hackintosh... Great thanks for your help. Freeuser16, Trucker Mx and AndyV EDIT: I will make a tutorial for explain all the process.
  4. @ freeuser16, Yeah very difficult. Also I try to change just the bytes you have talk in a previous post. And with 80 or 90 i have gradient or colour banding in real word. For your question I think i did like you. DSDT with clover ( last revision ) and device properties injection with my edid inside. But in opposite of you i must enable duallink to get lvds work. I have try edid generated by FixEDID and result was a black screen. But i don't try all the screen spec. And i don't disable the plnf method in my dsdt like Trucker Mx said. I will take a look at switchresX and will post my results . I try yesterday to work on a project for a client ( logo creation ) but .... colour banding is very annoying!!!
  5. Hi freeuser16 and great thanks for your answer. I try to put all the edid from Trucker Mx instead of mine and it don't work (lvds black screen). I think it's normal because we don't have exact same screen spec. Have you an idea of what adaptation i must made. Edid is horrible to understaand. I will take more attention to this. And will try to adapt it. Thanks again. Another question if i can . Since i modify my dsdt sleep don't work and can't enable audio too but for the last one i never had audio. cordially
  6. So this is my progress. I just learn how to patch my dsdt and use the same method as Freeuser16. Inject from device properties with duallink to 1 ( black screen if not) and also force edid with basic parameters changed from 80 to 90 but still got gradient. I got dual display LVDS +HDMI for sure and with goog resolution for the two LVDS (1600x900) HDMI LG TV 32" (1080p). Have not trying VGA but i don't need it. @Freeuser16 do you think i must try other basic parameter changes and see what happen ? What's your device id ? before i'm sure i got 1002_6841 and now don't know why i got 1002_6840. @Trucker when you explain how you get it working you said remove device (plnf) from dsdt. Can i know why it's important ? thanks
  7. Firstly Hi all and happy to see everybody active on this post. I read few page before that you probably need someone to test 1600x900 resolution to confirm that your method work . If it's the case i'm your man. I got help from Freeuser16 on applelife.ru to get my card to be recognized but got low color depth ( gradient like ) . I just reinstall a fresh iatkos 10.8.4 to test a new way to have Full QE/CI and the good resolution. Do you accept me here ? What do you need first ? this is the link to all the files you must need : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a5jaacwsf30nqiv/Kxd5Vsvn3z thanks Cordially