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  1. Hi all, I'm running a brand spankin new installation of osx86 and am looking to get parallels 4.0.3522 running with my current windows installation. Here's my setup, all on an internal drive 0: utilities/fat32 (came with laptop..not touching) 1: winxp/ntfs 2: osx 10.5.6 (chameleon 2.0 rc1) 3: more utilities/ntfs (also not touching) I go through the setup, select custom, select bootcamp. I select my drive (it's the only choice) and it presents me with a list of partitions: IDE 0:0 IDE 0:1 IDE 1:0 IDE 1:1 No matter which I select, when I click 'Create' I always receive the message "Failed to Configure the Boot Camp partition's hard disk: A disk configuration error has occurred. Make sure that you have read/write permissions" I have ntfs-3g working, and have read/write access. Even if I unmount the windows partition I still get the error. I tried the command mv "/Library/Parallels/Parallels Service.app/Contents/MacOS/BootcampConfigurator" "/Library/Parallels/Parallels Service.app/Contents/MacOS/BootcampConfigurator.old" which supposedly fixes it for some people, but not me. Ideas? edit: errrr.... didn't see the forum under osx86. whoops. Someone move me?
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    stop widescreen stretching

    Hi all, Back in windows-land I ran my x1400 (on an Inspiron9400) at 1920x1200, or at 1.6. I know there are major problems with this card, but I kept working at it and I'm now up to 1600x1200, QE/CI enabled (see end of post for how if youre curious). My question is how to fix the width. I find that for whatever resolution I enter in com.apple.Boot.plist, the second number (height) is used, and the aspect ratio is 1.33. So when I enter 1920x1200x32, I end up in 1600x1200x32. Now it's nice that I get to see fancy animations, but everything is stretchy, and I'm wondering if there's some secondary hack to squeeze things into 1.6, even if it means bars on the two sides. I realize I shouldn't expect to get 1920, but 1600x1000 or 1400x875 would be spiffy. In the meantime it's time to backup my extensions! ---- a quick howto: install kalyway 10.5.2 with dual cpus disabled in bios, only check X1000 for graphics. When rebooting use some cd (like gpart) that chooses a hard disk to boot. That skipped over the black screen problems (otherwise edit your x1000 kext plist from single user mode). Install 10.5.6 combo update using the osx86 uinstaller and the sleep() loop. You should now have the apple kernel. Sonotone's dell post-installer added a battery meter and ability to reenable dual cores, Apple HDA patch for sigmatel 9200 added sound (haven't tested mic), and Voodoo's ps2 added trackpad. For graphics, I edited the x1000's plist file to say 0x71451002 and com.apple.Boot.plist to say 1920x1200x32, and backed up my atiradeonx1000.kext. I then installed these kexts, repaired permissions and rebooted to a kernel panic. I restored the original atiradeonx1000.kext and deleted the radeonhd, and voila, everything worked. So basically you could say that I had no idea what I was doing for graphics, but somehow it worked. so, any ideas on the aspect ratio?