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  1. SL (now 10.6.3) on 1000h: no problem!

    as i said before i nolonger have a hackintosh i am very sure this kext was 1.6.2 out of the package from from the tutorial of www.technow.cc .. try this version, dont forget to update the kextcache edit: Look at Klohannes' great Tutorial, its much better/easier then mine here! he upped a working kext package too! http://www.root86.org/showthread.php/1309-...ht=1000h+10.6.3 but make sure all relevant kexts as sleepenabler, and so on are compatible with your version of osx
  2. SL (now 10.6.3) on 1000h: no problem!

    sorry but i end up this support thread... got an original MB so my eee is going under windows now for my girlfriend. good by and good luck for all further things! if there are questions, just PM me as i get an email and i will try to answer stuff.
  3. Asus K50ID Notebook drivers need

    MOVE! here is the netbook section!
  4. 10.6.4 on 1000h sleep problems

    hm these are the dsdts i am using too... strange strange
  5. OS X is booting so f****n slow on EEEPC 901

    boot verbose and post us the part where your eee "hangs" but first you can try this: open terminal: sudo chown root:wheel / restart and tell us if its faster
  6. 10.6.4 on 1000h sleep problems

    klohannes or meskaya could you give me your dsdt? 1000h 1gb only.. maybe there is sth wrong ...
  7. 10.6.4 on 1000h sleep problems

    would be great if you share your /E/E
  8. 10.6.4 on 1000h sleep problems

    with old framebuffer i completely lost graphic-acceleration (much older = panic)! plus my dsdt has pnlf inside. someone with running 10.6.4 and main eee-hardware could post his related kexts out of his /E/E ??
  9. 10.6.4 on 1000h sleep problems

    i updated today to 10.6.4, after replacing sleepenabler with the latest one provided here and installing a propber voodoohda kext to have sound all works pretty fine but sleep/wakeup going to sleep works fine, but if i wakeup my system the display keeps off. the system is running as it reacts on keyboard controls. anyone has/had same problems? or any other way to fix this issue??
  10. for me (1000H eeepc with intel atom) this sleepenabler causes KPs ! i just can boot without any sleepenabler.. is there any version around which works for me?
  11. SL (now 10.6.3) on 1000h: no problem!

    These are post-install related issues so please start a new thread or sth. In here the topic is just the installation...
  12. SL (now 10.6.3) on 1000h: no problem!

    Glad to hear that! And good luck again
  13. SL (now 10.6.3) on 1000h: no problem!

    If u used the technow.cc tutorial you have to open terminal: cd /Extra sudo ./eee-mkext-create.sh Enter your password Now restart and soznd should work, try now to set the resolution if its still 800x600 If you dont have the eee-mkext script in your extra folder look a few posts before, i uploaded it already before Put it in your /Extra folder and do the commands. All these things could also be read at the technow.cc tutorial!!
  14. SL (now 10.6.3) on 1000h: no problem!

    Okay i think i have to update my first post a bit when i am home again (1month) maybe i should write a clean tutorial for 10.6.3 too. @cgretired: please try to ask in the acer section of this forum! Because hardware specs could be different so things dont work for you which are present in this section
  15. SL (now 10.6.3) on 1000h: no problem!

    Search the internet for other solutions.. For me 10.6.3 runs much better then 10.6.2 but do whatcha wanna do. I relly dont know why graphics isnt working for you! Did you update your extensions.mkext in your extra folder which i explained a few posts before? Plus check if you got the proper kexts in your /extra/extensions!! Dualboot is possible too but i cant tell you how it is with windows.. Earlye i just got dualboot with other linux distributions.. Search the forum for dualboot solutions.. You can try to install netbookinstaller to get graphics also.. Dont know how your knowledge of mac, or especially unix is, for beginners a hackintosh doesnt make much sense because you have to repair things often and errors will come if you make the wrong things with your system! Plus as i mentioned in the first post,'my update historymis not a clean tutorial!! I use Switchresx just for resolution no mattermif its shareware or not, it never argued wih license stuff or sth...