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  1. I wanted to drop a line for others who may be in my situation now or in the future. I'm running iATKOS v7 on an Asus M2N-MX SE Plus motherboard, and I was having difficulty with USB 2.0. USB 1.1 devices such as my keyboard, mouse, and digital camera all worked fine, but when I tried to plug in and mount a USB flash drive or my G1 Android phone, nothing happened. I eventually discovered that I needed to change a single BIOS setting. 1.) When booting up, hit DEL when the Asus logo appears in order to enter your BIOS set up. 2.) Press the right arrow to go to the "Advanced" tab. 3.) Press the down arrow until you get to USB 2.0 Controller Mode. Change it from HiSpeed to FullSpeed (the slower one). 4.) Press F10 to save the settings and reboot. After that, my flash drive and phone worked just fine. While looking for a solution, I happened upon Slice's updated IOUSBFamily.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext. I'm not 100% sure they were part of the solution here, but I installed them as part of my search so there's a possibility they played a part in this. If you try the above and it doesn't work, go ahead and give Slice's files a try. You can get the latest versions by looking at the bottom of his signature here. Thanks to the OSX86 community for all the hard work they've put in!