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  1. you might have a mismatched seatbelt.kext and kernel.
  2. i wonder if its possible to not use the seatbelt950.kext at all, like, back it up, rename it, and then let the system rebuild and run and see if it works.
  3. it says i have seatbelt 199.x as well. I also did a cat of the version, and got the same results as you.
  4. i installed the seatbelt file from the combo update, but it still kernel panics..any one else have any ideas?
  5. I've downloaded the apple combo upgrade, and i've installed pacifist to try to extract, but i get a Kernel Panic when Pacifist tries to open the dmg file. What can i do now?
  6. voodoo 9.7. and its the dell m1210 laptop.
  7. Before i start, i'm going to say that i've used the search and looked at all the posts that came up as a result, and none really address or help with the issue i've got. Some posts point to something, but aren't really clear as to how to fix it. I have a Dell M1210 that i've done a fresh install of 10.5.7 kernel 9.7.0 using the iATKOS v7 dvd. So far, everything works right after the install: wifi, usb, built in camera, soundcard, etc. However, when i'm downloading a dmg file in Safari, or i've downloaded the dmg file and am now attempting to install it, i get a Kernel Panic. Now, I've done a fresh install from the dvd, so the kernel version and the seatbelt kext file should be in line with each other. I know the kernel and seatbelt should be the same version, but there's nothing clear in any post about 10.5.7 seatbelt and kernel 9.7.0. My question is what do i do? The rest of the os is fine, and i was able to get Adium and VLC to install, but that was it - every dmg file after those two cause a kernel panic when the system attempts to mount.