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  1. Darn! I already ordered a new motherboard as well! I tried your files and now this is what happens - it reads for a little longer from the flash drive -the screen comes on for a couple seconds with a flashing "_" -computer resets -loops same process at least now once the flash drive is read the caps lock never comes on. Do you think you could tell me what the flash drive should look like? I currently formatted w/ the HP UEFI Softpaq, downloaded bios from hp site for my lappy. Used Andy's tool to decrypt. Renamed both files (01658.bin/01658.SIG) copied into current and new in bios folder. copied your version of cryptRSA.efi to BIOSupdate and SystemDiags folder. Thanks!
  2. This was my comment on Donovan's page Hi Donovan. I bricked my DV6t-6100 trying to flash a new BIOS and am in some serious trouble. I have tried your method, following your instructions to a T but cannot get the BIOS recovery screen to appear. I formatted a 128mb flash drive with the HP UEFI utility, downloaded the BIOS file, used andy's tool to generate the .SIG and .BIN.DEC files, renamed them to the correct name (01658.SIG and 01658.BIN), copied them to the /current folder on the USB and booted with win+b. After about 15 sec. the activity light on my flash drive flashes for about 50 sec. then only the caps lock light just starts blinking again(2 times then pause). Could you please tell me if there is anything else I can try? The screen is off(not blank/powered on) Thank You!
  3. Oh god... its bad. Really bad. I tried flashing it earlier today with Donovan's bios but froze completely about 5 seconds in. Nothing responded mouse keyboard etc. I left it on for about 6 hours to make sure it wasnt just thinking. I eventually gave up and powered it down. Even the power button didnt respond, I had to remove the battery and unplug. Now i've bricked my laptop. It turns on but the screen is completely off and the caps lock light blinks twice indicating a corrupt bios. I'm trying to follow HP's directions for restoring the BIOS but am not really getting anywhere. I've created a HP_Tools USB drive and loaded the BIOS .exe file from the website. When I boot with ctrl+b the USB drive's light flashes a few times and the caps lock starts blinking again and then nothing. If anyone has some advice they could give me I would really appreciate it. I'm really freakin out over here.
  4. Hi lightskreeen. Thank you very much for your response! I plan to give this a shot over the weekend. I tried installing iatkos ml2 but got the "[iOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed" error after installing upon first boot. Do you happen know what the difference is between the HP Probook 4530s that rehabman's guide is based off of and the HP dv6t-61xx are? Would I have a better probability with his guide or would I be fine using your tutorial? I'm planning to order the same Atheros wifi card this weekend. Thanks again!
  5. Hi there. I own a dv6t-6100 with almost the same specs as you(1080 screen). I have a desktop hackintosh setup already but have been meaning to do the same for my laptop. I've been doing lots of googling and wanted to know if you think your guide be a good fit for me or would I be better off using rehabman's probook guide? Is it safe to flash the bios you have in your zip file? I intend on dual booting as well. Also do you have any other nuggets of information you might be able to pass along to a newbie like me?
  6. the error message i get when vista is primary and i try to select osx through the boot menu is \NST\nst_mac.mbr Status 0xc0000001 info the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.
  7. I successfully installed both iatkos 10.5.7 and windows vista. They are on the same hard disk partitioned in guid. Each operating system works if it's partition is set to active. When the Leopard partition is active chameleon boots. If leopard is selected it boots into leopard, however if vista is selected i get Non-system disk Press any key to reboot Now if i set the Vista partition as active, vista boots perfectly. I've installed Easybcd and added a osx entry. However if i pick the osx entry in the boot menu i get that the system is unbootable. I installed Leopard first and then vista. Please help! Thanks
  8. I have been trying to get this to work for the last 3 days straight. I've followed many many tutorials and guides and still manage to find problems. I installed iatkos 10.5.7 with these things selected in the customization section. - Main system - Bootloader : Chameleon v2 - /Extra directory - DSDT - dsmos - SMBIOSResolver - Voodoo 9.7.0 Kernel - APIC driver - disabler - OHR - Remove TyMCE - Intel SATA/IDE - Voodoo HDA driver - Post-Install Action. I found these settings Here from somebody with a similar dell after rebooting and hitting f8 and entering -v i got does anybody have any idea what is going wrong or what to select in the customize section? My system is a T7500, 8600m GT. I have a 250GB divided into 4 partitions, 1(48mb) ???? 2(100GB)WinVista 3(50GB)Macintosh 4(80GB)WinStorage i've got like 4 windows of firefox running with 15+ tabs in each looking for support on this THANKS!!!!