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  1. Hey. I'm using a laptop (Dell Inspiron 1501) that only has a VGA out port on the back of it. I'm wondering if theres a place online that sells these kind of cables or is there a way to make them yourselves? Thanks.
  2. The install went good, but I'm still getting the waiting for root error =/ Edit: Just to let people know, if I start my machine in windows and open VMWare, OSX works great.
  3. Well seeing as two new releases are out. I'm going to try the OSX_1048_AMD version instead of the older OSX_1048_AMD_SSE3. And if that doesn't work, JaS just released a new install DVD on the 3rd so I might try that one too. Let me know if you make any progress, or if anyone else has some ideas.
  4. Yeah I have a 1501 (The single core AMD model, Turion MK-36) I tried the 10.4.8 Tub Girl and the 10.4.6 JaS DVD and no luck with either. If anyone has this laptop, or thinks they have a solution to how to get it to run on this laptop, please PM me. Thanks.
  5. I got 2 legit Vista Beta keys from Microsoft, but I was wondering if these keys work and are "genuine" for the RTM version of vista. Anyone know?
  6. Hey everyone. I hope you people can help me. I just got a new Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop and wanted to put OSx on there. I've installed it on my old Inspiron 8500 but I've sold that laptop, so I need some help with this one. Also, does anyone have this laptop and successfully gotten osx86 installed on it? Laptop info: Dell Inspiron 1501 AMD 64 MK-37 2.0ghz ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 (Its a 256mb integrated card) 1gb ram 80gb hd DVD+-RW Dell wireless 1390 Broadcom 440x integrated ethernet I tried installing the OSX_1048_AMD_SSE3.iso image by burning to to a dvd. The first dvd didn't burn right. So I tried it again at a speed of 2x and the installer started up really slow then it gave me an error before it even started to install. So I thought I'd try to install it the same way as I did on my 8500, through VMWare. (I previously installed the 10.4.6 JaS dvd image on the 8500, but as I said, I no longer have that laptop). I tried the AMD SSE3 image through vmware, it started up, installed, and worked through vmware. When I tried to run it through native it gave me a HFS+ error. So I re-installed it and selected the whole HD instead of the individual partition that I wanted to install and once again it worked through vmware, but when I started my computer natively, it got to the bootloader. I could select OSx86 (Parition3) Windows (Partition2) or the Dellutility (Partition1). Windows booted perfectly. I didn't know if the image was bad or not. So I used the exact same JaS DVD iso as I did on the 8500 and put it on here. Everything below happened exactly the same with the AMDSSE3 image and the JaS DVD image. I'm currently using the jas dvd image. Heres the problem. If I select the OSx86 partition from the darwin bootloader it gives a whole bunch of fast scrolling text, then it goes to a black screen where I can read the text and just hangs there. It has a lot of words there. One is like "OHCI Controller will be unloaded across sleep" and a lot more. If its important, I can jot down all the info and post it. But the main thing is it just sits there for a few minutes then gives the error: "Still waiting for root device" I've tried the "-f" and the "-s" flags. I've also tried "rd=OSx86" (OSx86 is the drive name) and still no luck. Help would be appreciated. EDIT 1: Still no luck at getting it solved. Heres a few quotes from the screen I receive before I get the "Still Waiting For Root Device" error. Theres a few line about IOResources, IOProviderClass, and IOResourceMatch. If you guys need the full screen to help ya out, let me know and ill take a picture of it. Thanks again.
  7. Vista Pricing

    source on Engadget written on sept 5th
  8. Average download speed

    There is a SBC Building not too far away from my house, just about 10 or 15 miles, I dont know if thats considered far or not. This is what I got Good? Bad?
  9. Hey everyone, another question out there. I dont know if my speed im getting with my internet is normal or slow. I'm over in michigan and currently have sbc yahoo dsl. Right now i'm on my laptop (using a linksys 54mbps wireless router) and my download speeds are usually about 50-70kbps MAX, sometimes it doesnt even go that fast, it hangs around 30kbps sometimes. If I'm on a desktop plugged directly into the router I still get about the same speed. I used to have an old netgear 11mbps wireless and I still got the average of about 50, on occastion it would go to 70. So I thought it was the netgear router that was being slow so thats when I switched it with the linksys one I had at another house of mine. Didnt help much. At the other house where the linksys one used to be (I've got comcast cable internet there), now it is the 11mbps netgear one, i'll still get a fast speed even on wireless there. So I decided to look around online for a little bit and most places just say make sure all the filters are on the phone lines, and yes they are and always have been Then I did one of thoes bandwidth tests where it compares your speed to others around your area, im not even 20% of the average speed. I know cable is faster than dsl, but the question is... Should my dsl really be that slow?
  10. Installing vista with no dvd burner...

    Alrighty, thanks that cleared a lot of things up for me . Anyone know how many liscences xp pro corp goes for?
  11. Installing vista with no dvd burner...

    Thanks but can someone just confirm this?
  12. front row for..... PC!

    Sweet, the music works on there now. =). I always x'ed out of itunes before it started but if I leave it open it is great.
  13. Installing vista with no dvd burner...

    I already setup partitioning before I did this install. Actually daemon tools worked just fine, because in the first part of the installation, it copys all the files that are needed over to that partition, reboots, then reads all the files from the drive, so woo for daemon. Vista seems pretty nice. It'll probally just take a little while to get used to the way everything is setup in there. Im still wondering about activation, I might be getting another laptop soon but i'm not totally sure, so if I activate on this one, I know it will allow me to install it on another computer, but will that computer be registered as un-genuine, when it does the activation check?
  14. I just installed it on my old inspiron 8500 and it works great. It takes a minute or so to boot and start windows but after that it works awesome. I cant run aero (Only 64mb vram) but it otherwise everything works great. I've still got to install some drivers vista to recognise my devices correctly. That'll probally make it go a little better. My specs are below: 2.4ghz P4-M 512mb Ram 64mb Vram Nvidia Geforce4 (6400 I think, im probally wrong though) CDrw/DVD 60gig hd (only 20gig for vista, 40 for xp)
  15. Well sadly i'm one of the few who still doesn't have a dvd burner. I got an invite to download the new vista build so I downloaded it. After getting excited about trying it, I setup a vmware station to install it to my harddrive. After trying a few times and looking around online, vmware doesnt work for installing vista... Any ideas to help? Just another question: In Xp when you install and enter your serial number, it sends it to microsoft. If you install xp on a different computer with that same number, it'll say its not genuine. (That can be fixed with cracks but thats not the point ). I was wondering if these current vista builds did the same thing. Say I install it on one computer, use that number. Then a month later I get another computer and use that same nubmer. Do the experimental builds check for the serials being genuine and is it going to yell at me for using a non-genuine key? Or do the builds not check for that yet? Thanks.