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  1. I purchased this adapter: model F5D8053 from Belkin and can not get the thing to work reliably. I have experienced hours at night where it works just fine but other times cuts out after about 3 or 4 minutes. At times during the day it's fine while others it won't stay connected. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. I've removed and reinstalled several times now and nothing seems to be working. For $75 I expected a little more. To make things stranger, it seems to cut out--as if overworked--when I have two or more browsers open (due to lag in one or the other). Can the browsers be causing an issue, or is it more likely that the adapter's connection cutting out is causing the browsers to freeze up? I don't know the tech side of them that well so I couldn't say. Any suggestions? I'm using XP Essentials on a PC (but this shouldn't be any different than on a Mac, right?). If you need any more information, more than happy to give. Thanks, Gwynn