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  1. [SOLVED] 10.9 GM GTX 660 Bad Performance

    did you change smbios type? I had problem with performance on different smbios on older OSX versions...
  2. Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

    Did You try loading any of this ROM from chameleon option, maybe our cards would be visible - with a bit of luck. Doubt it, but maybe it's worth to try.
  3. So is this method works for gtx660m? I'm confused....
  4. This is natural first way I tried to modify this kext - but from my tests I have Geforce GK100Hal.kext loaded (message in -v verbose output) and nothing switched my text mode to graphic mode. Did you test this "hack" on kexts or talking about thoretical method. What do You think? Thanks
  5. Hello, Today I went to my local Ispot store to investigate newest iMac with gtx660m the osx 10.8.2 build is 12C3103 and the deviceid is not fd4 but fd0. The kext of nvidia is from october 2012 (i don't remember revision now) But on Alienware it works with fd4 so this is very strange. I wonder where is the hack...
  6. New iMac 2013 nvidia drivers

    From my experience recogintion of hdmi audio is not connected to recognition of graphic card, correct me if I'm wrong. So we have a proof that with 12c54 build (normal 10.8.2?) the gtx660m is correctly recognized (even with 2GB RAM), and newer iMacs and 10.8.3 could help nothing in this manner. The key maybe is in DSDT as always, maybe famous user "bcc9" could help us debugging the problem - see amd or dell xps guide from him. Regards
  7. Jamesst20, could you attach a "print screen" from system report (the same quality like usb etc) - sections: "graphics/monitors" and "extensions" (bit trouble - maybe 3 parts of screen, extensions has long list). Me and Slayer2333 probably want to investigate a different alienware layout of PCI id for graphics components. Thanks for any info. Regards
  8. New iMac 2013 nvidia drivers

    Hmm, interesting, Slayer2333 so where do You think is hack, osx i loading just like for example card with incorrect PCIRoot(uid) - just no starting to graphic mode, card is recognized, maybe playing with DSDT will help us. We simply need ioreg dumps from real iMac with GTX660M and compare it. Thx for sharing files. Maybe smbios is key - just like intel hd3000... Anyway we must wait for also official nvidia... Regards
  9. New iMac 2013 nvidia drivers

    Ok, I'm looking for any strings supporting Geforce 660M (10de:0fd4) - In AppleGraphicsPowerManagement no signs of it... I'm stuck at kext loaded (both GK and NVDAstartup) and no graphics UI... Hmm maybe Imac with this card has customized kexts?
  10. New iMac 2013 nvidia drivers

    Thanks for your response, last question - could You give me your ProductName=iMac..... (13,2???) Regards
  11. New iMac 2013 nvidia drivers

    NVDA* GeForce* AppleGraphics* Big Thanks! Regards
  12. New iMac 2013 nvidia drivers

    But I'm not apple developer and cannot access these builds... So I;m asking for it.
  13. Hello I just ask you if somebody has an access to newest iMacs with nvidia 6XXm graphics. Could you drop somewhere graphics kexts? Any info on version of these? Regards and many thanks
  14. Hello, Thx Alllak for debugging my issue, I had to suspend my 1340 fights for some time. I suppose that latest bcc9' dsdt will work with my hardware too. Thx to our guru bcc9, which is working hard! So we will wait for 10.8 thread?
  15. Ok, I'll explain why I'm not showing any output from bdmesg. 1. My first try. Grabbed your kexts, DSDT etc. Applying dsdt script - shows alt version. Correctly set up install and post install Lion... and no Display (using latest Chimera, or Chameleon builds). Blank screen. With GE=Yes. bdmesg correctly identify both cards 9400M and GF210M. 2. Tried to mix different options PCIrood uid 1 or 0. Nothing changed. Stack at GE=No, and no QE/CI of course. Secondart attempt: Use your old dsdt from SL thread. But it stops at "PCI configuration begin" and halted OS. So I read some info from other forums, why it stops, and apply some fixes - Different IOPCIFamily kexts (from 10.6) or Evil kexts (EvilIOPCIfamily and EvilAppleACPI...kext) and..... with evil ones my Graphics card which is injected into dsdt working with QE/CI - very stable. (PCI-root-uid=1) and only one graphic card recognized in profiler. So I tried to inject 10.6 strings to DSDT-alt version, or simply put EFI strings at org.cham...plist - and nothing... OK, I can put bdmesg log, but it's OK, the problem is in DSDT, I suppose. Maybe the key is to disable secondary (hybrid) card GF210?