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  1. Mystery... About This Mac memory had increased!?

    Wow, I see. I understand it. Cosmetic things = Does it mean that it's not true value? Not 14GB?? Aha, I think to try that I will not see it. for peace of mind... Thank you, for your advice.
  2. Hi. I was confirmed "About this Mac". Then, memory had 14GB. My mobo had memory slots of 6 slots. 2GB x 6 = 14GB ... what?? Where did increased 2GB come from? Spec. ASUS P6T6 WS REVOLUTION Intel Core I7-930 O.C. 3.32GHz GIGABYTE GV-N660OC-2GD Clover EFI bootloader with DSDT
  3. Happy New Year 2014!

    Happy New Year !! from Japan. Akemasite Omedetou Gozaimasu.
  4. Lion GM: About the "nstat_lookup_entry_failed:2"

    Hi there, This comments* are sometimes displayed. * "nstat_lookup_entry_failed:2" <-- This is ... What meaning is this??
  5. "nstat_lookup_entry_failed:2" の意味

    はじめまして。 New Users Lounge のスレッドで質問してみたのですが、下手な英語ゆえ回答が得られず... 下記の環境に Lion GM を構築しました。 Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R Rev.1.0 Intel Core2Quad Q8400 ELSA GLADIAC GTS 250 1GB メソッドは... MaLd0n氏の方法:DSDT Auto-Patcher + Chameleon RC5 + SSDT です。 -v 起動時に、コメントの最後の行に "nstat_lookup_entry_failed:2" という一文が 2行 続けて表示されます。 * KP にはなっていません。立ち上がってきます。 これは、何を意味しているのでしょうか? ご存知の方、ご教示頂けると幸いです。
  6. Hi there, When my PC starts, the following comments are displayed on screen under Lion GM. "nstat_lookup_entry_failed:2" "nstat_lookup_entry_failed:2" * It’s displayed two times. What meaning is this?? DSDT Auto-Patcher + Chameleon RC5 + SSDT Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R Rev.1.0 Intel Core2Quad Q8400 ELSA GLADIAC GTS 250 1GB E/E include kext files: ACPIMonitor, AHCIPortInjector, FakeSMC, IntelCPUMonitor, IntelThermal, IOAHCIBlockStrageInjector, NVClockX, SuperIOFamily
  7. Lion GM + ALC889a = not Working

    Hi everyone, Thank you for reply and advices. I noticed that a big mistake... As written by teacher MaLd0n ->>> "double click in kext utility" I forgot to do this Now, working fine under Lion GM. I am shameful in the beginner's screw-up I wish to express my gratitude for yours advice. Thank you, fallchild and MaLd0n.
  8. Lion GM + ALC889a = not Working

    Anybody working ALC889a on Lion GM?? Using this method -> ALC889A, Gigabyte (Intel) * I got sound under Lion DP4. Am I wrong? My System build by Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon, Update Lion GM method. Thank you , JEDI MASTERS!! DSDT Auto-Patcher + Chameleon RC5 Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R Rev.1.0 Intel Core2Quad Q8400 ELSA GLADIAC GTS 250 1GB