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  1. wow, fantastic but i have a last question! I can't find the shortcuts like this: SHIFT + END = Select a text to init point to the end of the line. And the las question! Print Screen key.... Where is?
  2. hi friends! I installed OsX86 tiger 10.4.6 but i can't use the shortcuts like this: CTRL + C = Copy CTRL + V = Paste CTRL + X = Cut Where i can find this options? and more options with the keyboard? thanks!
  3. 10.4.7 Update

    what is new in this version?
  4. I want install OSX 86 but i have 2 problems! My notebook is with 2 partitions... 1 for recovery system 5GB and 1 for the user system 80 GB the recovery partition i can't see in windows, only when check control panel and admin tools. I want to know if the recovery partition i can loss I don't want loss this partition... please help me!
  5. hehehehehe... true or false?
  6. And so? How detect my new card? or what? sorry, but i'm new in MAc
  7. Hi friends! I installed OS X 10.4.6, but i bought a new network card! I need install the device in the system and the drivers! how install the drivers? Or where is the Device manager in MAC?
  8. it's fantastic! Great!
  9. Hi friends! Well, this forum is big, and here there are programmers, designers, etc.. Now i think we can develop a similar "BootCamp for PC". what do you think? a Bootcampo where always say: "develop by OsX86project Team" What do you think?
  10. can you pass methe file chain0, please... or exist a Tutorial Guide with images?
  11. Screen Rotation with GMA 950

    show a screen example, `please!
  12. Intel 975x chipset

    it's no problem.. works fantastic!
  13. Boot camp questions

    So where can i do for dual boot?? windows and mac? 1.- Install windows 2.-connect a slave HD (note: Don't make partition) 3.- Install Mac OsX in the slave partition! 4.- Be carefull when you select the drive for format in MAC. 5.- Install 6.- CONGRATULATIONS!