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  1. Nice mini hack - love the case - what are the cpu temps at idle with that case? I built a hack mini last week using the Asus Rock 67M-ITX board and the i3-2105 for the HD3000 graphics. Was able to finally get HDMI video/audio working flawlessly with a DSDT patch and kext edit (running 10.7.3 on it). Like you I didn't really care about gaming since I don't have time for that anymore - just needed a rock-solid fileserver and media machine for driving my flatscreen. Cheers!
  2. I have Vanilla installs, but on all of them I have upgraded to 10.6.5 I can only use arch=i386 I get KP's when I try to run arch=x86_64 and for the record, 10.6.4 x86_64 worked just fine. Anyone else have this issue? I can run in 32bit for awhile, but there are programs I used which benefit from running in x64 (Lightroom, PS, etc.) I have installed the new sleep enabler with pmVersion=21 so no issues there. Of course there were no issues on my real Macs with the upgrade ;-) Cheers! Kexts I am using are: fakesmc JMicrronATA LegacyHDA NullCPUPM OpenHaltRestart OrangeIconFix SleepEnabler GA-965P-DQ6 GA-EP-45-UD3P
  3. Thats the million dollar question I guess. Maybe I'll backup my 10.6.4 volume and make a go of it - I got a few spare cycles to burn this afternoon...
  4. I spent a great deal of time trying to get the sound to work on my 1420N. I had it working fine in 10.5.8, but no joy in 10.6.x Everything now works fine in 10.6.3 for my 1420N (Nvidia 8400GS card) except sleep, shutdown, restart and sound. I also ended up getting a USB sound bar. Its frustrating because I know it should be possible to get the sound working - headphones jack/line out works fine, but no mic or internal speakers. I am a programmer (C/C++/Java and a little Objective C) and have probably sunk 30+hrs into trying to get the sound working. If anyone is able to get the internal speakers working on the 1420 w/ STAC 9228, please post a reply with your kext/DSDT. Cheers
  5. I have a Dell 1420 with the Sigmatel 9228, 10.5.7 Retail DVD. This driver installs fine and boots with no errors, however, there is no sound. The only way i have got sound was with AppleHDA Patcher 1.16 and the 9228 codec dump. Even then, I only get sound on the headphone out port. Looks like it might be a lost cause trying to get the external speakers working on the 9228 and Dell Laptops...