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    menardorama got a reaction from polyzargone in [Guide] macOS Sierra 10.12 - Dell Optiplex 780 (760) (755) (790) (990)   
    Success !
    It is working now thanks very much polyzargone !!!!!!!!!!
    I found the issue with the Intel Graphic card, I plugged the ati card in the wrong PCI Express Slot which made both available (had to change the adress in the DSDT)
    Sound is working using AppleALC (Layout 11)
    But now sleep is an issue, screens goes black but Wake up is not working, fans are at full speed, no display and led 3 and 4 are only visible
    If someone now how I can fix it....
    By the way for those interested DSDT (bios A16) and Kext are in attachement
    polizargone : I have uploaded also my origin folder generated by clover.