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  1. Rocketraid 2320 problem

  2. Rocketraid 2320 problem

    I Have a problem with the Rocketraid 2320. My problem is every time the computer wake from sleep mode, the RAID 5 array (controlled by rocketraid 2320) will be extremely slow. But after it is restarted everything is fine again. The problem is I can't shut down or restarted the server easily due to RAID 0 array that is controlled by the OSX server. I have to unplug the sata cables during start up and connect them once the boot disc is loaded. My Hackintosh spec is; EP45UD3P Q95550 8GB Memory 320 GB HDD (for the osx) 4 x 2TB HDD (on RAID 0 / software RAID) 4 x 2TB HDD (on RAID 5 / using Rocketraid 2320) Snow Leopard Server 10.6.4 ( Lifehacker method) Does anyone can help me with my problem? Thanks in advance
  3. My current hackintosh spec is; EP45UD3P Q9550 8 gig of ram 9500 GT 8 TB Raid O HDD (4 pcs 2TB hdd using software raid) 320 GB HDD My hackintosh is running on Mac OSX server 10.6.4, using lifehacker method. I'm planning to use rocketraid 2300 so I can use raid 5 or JBOD on my hackintosh. Is the Rocketraid 2300 compatible with my motherboard running osx server 10.6.4? I've tried using SJ20-x8 3G SATA PCI-e Host Adapter (mac compatible) but the card is not detected in my hackintosh, even with the driver installed. So to avoid unnecessary spending, could anyone help me? Will Rocketraid 2300 work with my hackintosh? Thanks in advance
  4. I finally able to install the snow leopard system on my ep45ud3p and ep45ud3r. It turn out that the NVIDIA 9800GT is the culprit. I switch to NVIDIA 9500GT and all the sudden the problem is solved. The installation is smooth and easy using lifehacker method. It's very straight forward install without any terminal work. @alphak It boot just fine when i used 9800GT, but when I tried to install, the installation is sluggish and very slow. It always come to a halt in the middle of preparing installation stage. But now it's working flawless, I have not try the audio yet. The onboard network card is running without any patch.
  5. Can someone help me, or please lead me to the right direction. Thank u
  6. I've tried to search but could not find any info about installing snow leopard server on EP45UD3P board. I already installed many snow leopard on hackintosh using lifehacker method. But every time i tried to install snow leopard server is always end up in grey screen. I used life hacker method but with no success. My spec is; EP45UD3P Q9550 4 gig memory. NVIDIA 9800GT Could anybody help me to get this hackintosh up and running with snow leopard server. Thanks in advance
  7. I'm trying to built a hackintosh to become a server for video storage. Cause the high bandwidth I need to have the 4 port server adapter and use link aggregation to have a higher throughput. My Spec; EP45UD3P life hacker method hackintosh Memory 4 gig NVIDIA 9800GT The problem is in my country smalltree 4 port server adapter card is not available, the only choice i have is; INTEL E1G44HT INTEL E1G44ET2 INTEL E1G44HT Can someone help me install one of the above intel 4 port server adapter card? The system i try to built is inspired by http://magazine.creativecow.net/article/bu...an-that-iworksi Thank you for your help
  8. My hardware is; EP45UD3P v1.6 Nvidia 9800 GT 4 gig ram I did the life hacker method using snow leopard retail 10.6.3 and using stellarola v3 installer and MACBIOS Cartri 0.7m Everything works except Final Cut Pro 7. I search and these are the list of modification i tried to correct it; 1. Ethernet card is en0 2. trashing preference 3. Delete Q master But sadly nothing works. Could anyone help me please. Thanks for your attentions.
  9. I reccently followed life hacker retail install method for my hackintosh. Everythinhg work like a charm. Until suddenly the audio dissapear. I just turn on the pc and there is no audio whatsoever. I opened the sound preferences but the sound output tab can not be changed from external microphone to line out. Can anyone help me? I tried istalling other kext with no luck. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  10. Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    I finally get my hackintosh to work. Thank you life hacker At first i had a problem with connecting to the network, but then i got it going. I just enable both of the onboard Network adapter. I have not had any problem since. This board is great, tons on info and a very helpful member. Thanks a million
  11. I really frustrated about building my hackintoch. My Spec is: Gigabyte EP45UD3P Core 2 Duo 2.8 G 4 gig memory (corsair) Corsair 500 watt power supply LG Blue Ray Burner I followed the guide in http://lifehacker.com/5360150/install-snow...acking-required I followed it every single step, but there is always a problem. The installation process is doing great after the OSX is installed than the computer reboot. The problem is every time the computer reboot it always want to ask to do a fresh install, instead of going to operating system (snow leopard) I really needed help, cause I'm a newbie in building a successful hackintosh. I spend many long sleepless night trying to figure this out. Could anyone help me on this topic?