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  1. GMA X4500

    Try vlc 0.9.2 that doesn't want QE/QI to play videos...If no video appearing, from VLC menu, try Video->Normal Size. Hope it helps.
  2. Here is stock 10.5.7 GMAX3100 kexts.
  3. Hi embedded, Got chameleon 2.0 rc3 bootloader to load dsdt. 1. You need DSDT.AML of ahhkolaa can be found at Post #12 of this thread. Put this on your root /. 2. Jasim's kext named AppleIntelGMAX3100FB_softcursor_sleep.kext.zip on Post #1. Install this via kexthelper. 3. Make sure you remove all non-working kexts(i mean rm -rf /System/Library/2a42* if you tried Tennieke way in Genius bar) and do this "rm -rf /System/Library/Extentions.mkext" to flush the driver cache. 4. Restart. 5. Boot with -v -f flags. I suspect you need chameleon 2 rc3 bootloader for the native reso to work. Before it's not working with me until I tried dsdt mentioned above. Works flawlessly on external monitor without stripes.. my main laptop monitor still has vertical stripes. Let me know your results. dell e6400 4500mhd 2a42
  4. "Many thanks for your help! I will try this. " Hi ahhkolaa, Works for me , video has 1440x900 and software mouse pointer after applying your dsdt. By the way, one more prob.. I got horizontal stripes. Any solution with this? Guys, if you already solved stripes, please post your kexts. Thanks! Viccer dell e6400 video: x4500 MHD 2a42
  5. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Tried your method -"Cleaned install of iAKTOSv7 and only choose 'NVinject' from the VGA drivers section. " .... and it's working sweet. Thanks!!!!